In many cases, for security reasons, a gps tracker with temperature sensor will be installed on the car when buying a mortgage to prevent some criminals from using the mortgage to buy a car to defraud and defraud the car, and to avoid "no trace of people and no trace of the car." The situation happened.

Generally speaking, one wired device (VT66/VT88) and multiple wireless devices (vt99) are installed on the mortgage car. The wired device is used for daily monitoring of the vehicle's behavior, and the wireless device is installed in a concealed manner for emergency monitoring in emergencies. It can effectively prevent shielding and disassembly. The more vehicles installed, the higher the safety. It is a widely used and mature solution.

1. GPS tracker with temperature sensor is positioned accurately, easy to grasp where the car is

Synchronous reception of Chinese Beidou and American GPS satellite signals and base station signals, a total of three signal combinations, faster and more accurate positioning of the vehicle, without missing any signal blind spots. In addition, its superior anti-interference, waterproof, and dust-proof capabilities are sufficient to cope with multiple changes in the environment and ensure stable signal reception.

2. Behavior monitoring, pre-judge vehicle risks

In the context of big data, by sending a short message of instructions to the gps tracker with temperature sensor device through a mobile phone, you can remotely view the vehicle location, cut off the gas and electricity, set the device positioning online frequency and other functions, so as to achieve real-time positioning, and the positioning accuracy is getting higher and higher. , The error range is less than 10m. Through intelligent monitoring of the platform and gps tracker with temperature sensor, according to the vehicle trajectory and permanent parking address, combined with the information provided, the authenticity of the information can be identified.

3, multiple alarms, timely control of vehicle danger

Automotive gps tracker with temperature sensor is one of the indispensable risk control methods in the automotive finance industry. It can realize all-round alarm monitoring through multiple alarm functions such as vibration, power failure, displacement, tampering, fences, etc., and combined with remote oil cut Electric control vehicle start, feedback and control the critical situation of the vehicle at the first time, and minimize the risk.

gps tracker with temperature sensor