Before you can figure out what someone is trying to accomplish with their phone in the infrared sauna, you must first understand why they would want it with them. Once you understand why they would want it with them, you can figure out what they are trying to accomplish with it.

However, using it as a timer in this situation is not recommended due to the possibility of damaging the device. Heat is still the most compelling reason to refrain from bringing your phone into the sauna, even in the face of overwhelming evidence. Because your phone occupies a significant amount of surface area within the sauna, it will overheat even more quickly than it would have if it were at the same temperature in a different Top Sauna Brands to Take into Account.

Bringing your phone into the steam room is recommended if you want to keep it on silent mode while in the room.



When electronics are exposed to moisture, they can suffer irreversible damage such as corrosion or wetting out of circuit boards, among other problems. This is especially true for wet electronics, which include those that contain liquid water droplets, such as those found in saunas. To enjoy the age-old practice of working up a physical sweat while also socializing, it is essential to keep it hidden outside and instead engage in conversation with the other people in the sauna, which is where you should be at all times.

In the end, what matters is the amount of heat that your phone can withstand before it ceases to function properly. When exposed to temperatures higher than 113°F or in environments hotter than 113°F for an extended period of time, those who do not take precautions to protect themselves may suffer long-term consequences. It is important to note that temperature restrictions are even more strictly enforced when the phone is in use than when the phone is not in use.

Typical sauna temperatures range between 150 degrees Fahrenheit (65 degrees Celsius) and 175 degrees Fahrenheit (79 degrees Celsius), which is significantly higher than the temperature range supported by the temperature sensor found on a typical smartphone. Depending on the model (my Samsung Galaxy, for example), it is possible that the device will shut down and become unusable if the temperature rises significantly above a certain threshold.

Your phone may suffer significant damage if exposed to water for an extended period of time. It is possible for a device to suffer long-term or irreversible performance degradation when exposed to high temperatures and high humidity levels for an extended period of time or continuously. Water and other forms of moisture should be avoided at all costs when it comes into contact with your skin.