When your environment looks good, people are been attracted to your gym center. 

remember your eyes are attracted to quality things and are hard for anyone to see the quality and navigate over it. 

if you are looking at how to attract customers to your gym center, is a very simple and unique way. First, you need to meet with a local Gym Flooring fabricator and supply the manufacturer with your unique concept or you can demand their previous samples to know the one that will suit you. Flow with customizing the gym flooring with your logo design, this helps your flooring to look exactly as your logo. 

Have dealt with the manufacturer and after which, wait to the number of days or weeks given to you from the manufacturer. Once the day is complete, revisit your local manufacturing demands for the samples to see how unique the flooring looks. If the manufacturer is done, they always install the flooring after manufacturing. 

When all manufacturing and installation is over, come the next morning and compare the previous flooring with the current one.