Child custody is a tricky topic when parents divorce. Court judgments on this topic will have an immediate influence on the child since most children prefer joint child custody so that they may spend the same amount of time with both parents they adore. However, this is not consistently the case since there are occasions when exclusive custody by one parent is preferred for a number of reasons, such as when the health and well-being of the children are at stake.

In this case, the court may give exclusive custody to one parent based on a variety of factors. This includes one parent's financial incapacity to maintain the kid, as well as one parent's inability to raise the child owing to mental health issues. Many additional variables influence custody such as one parent's bad lifestyle, usage of alcohol and drugs, criminal history, and so on.

In some situations - the child may be able to pick the form of custody that he or she prefers. As a result, we return to the question of whether the child may choose his or her preferred custody arrangement. Yes, as long as the child is of legal age to make such a choice.

Regardless of the custody arrangement you choose for your children, you must fight for your rights and the custody arrangement you wish for your loved ones. To boost your possibilities of success in your next court battles, you must empower yourself with a lot of information on this subject. You must have a definite strategy in place to make sure that the court offers your child the best possible custody.

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