The abstract is perhaps the most popular type of independent work among students and schoolchildren, use service Essayassistant. But despite its popularity, not everyone knows that abstracts are different. One of the variants of such work is an abstract-review.

To understand the essence of the abstract-review, it is necessary to compare it with another variant of work - the review-abstract, also you can buy coursework online.

A review paper is written on the basis of several sources on a chosen topic - that is why it is a review paper, as it considers different points of view on the subject and covers all the literature known to the author.

An abstract-summary concentrates on a single source and summarizes the information it presents. The main feature of such a paper is the absence of subjective statements, or get physics homework help.

Due to the fact that the abstract-summary is written on the basis of one source, many people not unreasonably confuse it with the abstract. Peculiarities of writing an abstract-summary are based on two main aspects: general requirements to the text of the work and peculiarities of the structure. The typical structure of the work consists of 6 elements: a bibliographic description, a description of the topic and the purposes inherent in the source, information about the structural elements of the work, the main content, illustrative material, indication of the audience to which the work is intended.


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