As tattooing is a professional and good art along with it is sensitive art any type of virus and bacteria can infect the skin if proper care is not done and the rules and instructions which are given by the tattooist is not followed so it can cause a number of problems so to avoid from these problems the precaution of tattooing must be followed. Here some infections by virus which can affect on the tattooing but with the great care this effect can be finished. Along with the tattoo supplies also help to kill the infection and causes of infection in the human body.

Tattoos on the drug addicts:

Especially in conditions just like in tattooing with tattoo supplies among addicts to any drugs or who take drugs by injection, there is an increased risk of infection with hepatitis C and hepatitis B in the tattooing so before placing tattoo they should consult the doctor. By the over view of the researchers and by the eta analysis by the medical researchers medical literature published and it was concluded that tattooing is associated with an increased risk on the people suffering with the hepatitis C infection and cause problem the explanation was given based on a me-ta-analysis of a number of studies .

This must be seen on the basis of the fact that some of adults in a country are known to have antibodies against hepatitis C, and mostly of these have chronic infections so this infection can cause the problem. The problem can also appears to the person who place tattoo with the common equipments instead of tattoo supplies.

Local virus infections

Local virus can also affect the tattooing so an individuals must be careful to this virus. Local virus infections can appear due to number of factors like

  • warts
  • verruca vulgaris
  • water warts
  • genital warts

which may can affect through inoculation of virus from the tattooed person in connection with the pricks of the tattooing needles that is why to avoid from this problem the in tattoo supplies the needles are sterilized and it can’t cause any type of virus. Cosmetic tattoos around the mouth may cause the outbreak of herpes simplex infection in people with previous cold sores on the skin it can affect the skin because of virus. To avoid from these factors the cosmetic tattoos are placed with the great care and with the sterilized material to avoid from the infections.

When is a tattoo reaction allergic and problematic ?

When checking whether a reaction is allergic, the following is of significance:

› That the reaction is of one form; that is, consistent in one and only one colour and everywhere this colour is used in the tattoo the tattoo colour can be red, blue, green, yellow, violet, grey etc.

› That there is a sensitisation period, during this period the tattoo is more sensitive and needs great care which may last for weeks, months and maybe years from the time the tattoo is made until the occurrence of the reaction and in this time the instructions should be followed. Always use tattoo supplies it will decrease this period.


› Tattoo Supply the reaction is problematic and constant in appearance and degree of discomfort is more so great care is needed and usually is resistant to treatment with local steroids so the treatment can be done by the number of good steroids. further definitive sign of allergy can be seen on the body of individual is that an active reaction results in a combine reaction in an older tattoo with the same or nearly the same colour localized in another anatomic region and carried out independently of the problematic tattoo so allergy can be reduced by avoiding from these factors. These are the steps by which allergy can be finished.


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