The COVID-19 has lasted for two years has brought great inconvenience to our lives. Many people have even become depressed and have no smiles of the past.
Listen, no matter what, we have to keep an optimistic mood and continue to live, try to get out of the imprisoned heart, call friends to greet, and occasionally dress up and go to places with few people to relax.
Today's main content is to explain to you a high-quality color hair-burgundy human hair wig, very suitable for changing your mood in the depressing winter.

What's the 99J color?
99J color's afflatus is the source from Burgundy wine, for this reason, 99J color has another name - Burgundy color. Compared to classic natural black hair and blonde hair wig, Burgundy wig is more attractive and peculiar to show character because of the exciting color. How to break the inanimate life status? A new 99J human hair wig should be the best choice at the origin.

The varieties of 99J human hair wigs
Our company has almost completed and mature product system on 99J lace human hair wigs: classic Straight 99J human hair lace wig; Body wave human hair burgundy wig; Deep wave and loose deep wave 99J wig; Water wave burgundy wig; the hottest and popular product on our website-burgundy curly wig.

Straight 99J human hair lace wig
Straight 99J human hair lace wig is an essential product in 99J color, as 12 years old company, we have rich

wig-making skills and professional workers, the straight 99J lace frontal wig is the product that we tried to apply the 99J color firstly. The wig with closure is easier to nurse than other 99J hairstyle wigs. It has more opportunities and possibilities to switch hairstyles, it’s straight hair unique advantage.

Body wave human hair burgundy wig
Compared to the straight 5x5 lace closure wig, the body waves are made by high-temperature steam without any chemical after the hair was dyeing into 99J color. It's possible to lose waves after washing, but it's simple to restyle for a body wave looking.

Deep wave, loose deep wave, and water wave burgundy wig
Based on wigs' sale data, deep wave wig is the best popular in 3 kinds of wigs, the deep curl looks tighter than water wave, except for the burgundy straight hair, 99J color wig has excellent looking and impression on tight curl hairstyles. For example, the 99J curly wave human hair wig is the hottest star in all the 99J wigs.

Burgundy curly human hair wig
It's the best sale product in 99J hair, our website has 2-star products: the natural black curly wave lace frontal wig and the Burgundy curly human hair wig. The curly wave wig has a fuller-looking than other hairstyles if they are the same density, more, the curl looks gorgeous. To be honest, the 99J curly wave human hair is a frequenter on the Winter fashion show, the reason is clear and straightforward, the strong visual impact in the white world fulling snow and ice. The 99J color and full-looking seem to inspire humans, it could bring happiness feeling.

“The one who wants to wear the crown must bear its weight” As the same principle, Burgundy curly hair care is more difficult than other hairstyles, the carefulness and patience are vital.

How to care for 99J hair lace wigs?
As we all know, the 99J hair dyes from natural black hair, In this case, the hair dyeing skill is 100% professional, the hair will have a little degree of damage than normal natural black hair. We always suggest customers use nourishing shampoo and conditioner, also, high-frequency deep conditioning is necessary for 99J hair. There is hardly happen hair problem if we could obey the basic rule when we wear and wash the 99J wigs.

Firstly, there should be no one to bleach the knots and lace when we get the burgundy lace frontal human hair wig, the best method and choice is make-up because the knots are weaker than normal natural black lace frontal wig after we're dyeing the hair.

We don't suggest customers process the 99J hair as usual: making curl in the morning for the straight hair, then straighten in the next day, it absolutely will quicken hair energy loss and decrease hair lifetime, although we use more conditioner for it after we damage hair texture.

The most important tip for the Burgundy curly wig and deep wave wig, it will damage the hair texture even ruin the whole wig if we always close teeth brush or comb, the best comb is our hands with patience and carefulness.

In any case, we must maintain a good mood to face our lives, and everything will be fine.