The festive season doesn’t come on a daily basis, not even once a month. Because of that reason, the festive season is the moment that everyone has been waiting for. It brings us all together, reconnects us with families from afar. It also makes us realize how precious are the moments we share with our closest ones. During the festive season, people usually gather with family, relatives, and friends to share happiness together. The more we meet people, the more grateful we are for their presence in our lives. In times like this, showing gratitude through simple things can be the right way to appreciate people’s presence in our lives. Based on the paper published by Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, gratitude has been mutually linked to give benefits for psychological well-being. In general, more grateful people are happier, more satisfied with their lives, less materialistic, and less likely to suffer from burnout. The same source also stated that gratitude acted as a “social-glue”, that people’s gratitude feelings can lead them to be more generous and helpful. So we come closer to Christmas, it’s time to remember the goodness of our surroundings, also to God and the universe who have given us valuable lessons as long as we live. And here are some small gifts and actions you can do to show gratitude in this festive season:

  1. Send Greeting Card:- During a pandemic, we often interact virtually. Sometimes online meetings make us tired and less intimate. Try sending greeting cards to your family and loved ones. Write in your handwriting and express your longing for them through a well-written and personal message. It definitely will give a meaningful touch to those who receive it!
  2. Set Up a Private Dinner:- Nothing can replace how much fun face-to-face interaction can be. When we can meet with family, friends, talk about funny things, of course, it will give more meaning and memories during the festive season. Try planning an intimate dinner. Start with people who are in the same circle as you, such as family, close friends, office friends, and others.
  3. Ship DIY Gifts:- What is more valuable than a gift made by your own hand? Handmade goods can be more purposeful because you can adjust them to the preferences of the gift’s receiver. Sending a do-it-yourself gift can be an expression of your gratitude to your loved ones. In addition, DIY gifts can also give a more personal impression to those who receive them.
  4. Offer Help to People:- The festive season can also be the busiest season of the year. Many people go busy preparing for it, and it can be seen in each house, on the streets, in public places such as supermarkets, restaurants, and others. At this very moment, many people seem overwhelmed with their work. offering to help them will provide relief in the midst of their busy activities. Do it as simple as helping women move groceries into the car, helping neighbours mow their lawns, or helping schoolchildren cross the street, etc.
  5. Spare Time to Pray or Meditate:- The festive season is also the best time to take a break from all our busyness. It is also the right time to set our time to pray to God and take a silent moment to be grateful for the blessings we have received. We can also have a small service in our home, invite the family to also send gratitude to God together with us. We can also spare a dedicated time to meditate, get silent from all the distractions, and send positive energy towards ourselves.
  6. Give Extra Tip:- Another way to express gratitude is to give an extra tip to a restaurant or cafe you visit. Tipping sounds easy and cheap, but not many people do it. By giving a tip to a restaurant or cafe employee, it will give them more courage and value. The amount of the tip may not be much, but the willingness to give will give a different impression on the recipient.
  7. Treat Yourself Something Good:- There’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a self-reward for all the hard work you’ve done. Don’t forget to be grateful to yourself too! You’ve got something you’ve been wanting to buy for a long time, or a place you’ve wanted to visit, a food you’ve wanted to eat. Take the time to gift yourself, with goods, go somewhere, or eat a delicious meal that you love.
  8. Prepare Free Snacks for Everyone:- The easiest way to show gratitude is to share what you have. You can prepare snack packages in a box in front of your house with the description “Free for Everyone”. Everyone who visits or passes in front of your house can take the snack for free. Unknowingly there will be underprivileged people who take it, or mailmen, or homeless children, etc. You’d be surprised how much your package can be meaningful to so many people!
  9. Have A Phone Call with Long-Time Friend:- We will never know, how much the question “How are you?” from us can be essential to people. Especially for our relative who lives far away or a childhood friend who we rarely meet. Always getting connected and exchanging conditions with them can make others feel cared for and taken into account. Especially in the festive season, it is the right time to call back old friends and relatives.
  10. Donate to a Charity Organization:- Not everyone can feel joy during the festive season. Especially those who live in underprivileged and not ideal conditions. We can help them to feel a glimpse of happiness by sharing what we have. You can look for NGOs that share the same concern with our preference, examine their need, and start donating to them. It will be much more trusted if you can donate it through a charity organization or directly to the NGO’s contact person.
  11. Do Volunteer Works:- You will also find gratitude when we can help others in useful activities. One of them is by doing volunteer activities. Not only will it hone our empathy and sensitivity, but volunteer works will also have a direct impact on people in need. During the festive season, there are usually many organizations that offer volunteer work collaboration, be it in one-day or longer period. On the UPDEED platform, you can also find various organizations, influencers, and individuals who actively share their activities and campaigns, including during the festive season. With all the good causes they have, during the festive season, they make sure every beneficiary gets the same happiness just like others. You can reach these organizations, influencers, and individuals through the UPDEED app. Start connecting with and doing collaborative activities together. Believe that the little things you do in the festive season will bring great happiness to people’s lives.

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