Before we jump to the solution to the "Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook" error, let's first determine the possible causes.

This type of error appears if there is corruption in the Navigation Pane settings file- profile_name.xml(profile name is the name of Outlook profile). This error can also be caused by Outlook versions that are not compatible with each other. cannot open the outlook window These include incorrect profile configuration, Outlook file corruption, Outlook profile creation on older versions, and registry errors.

Manual Solutions to Solve "Cannot Open Microsoft Outlook"

You can use different methods to fix this problem after you have identified the probable causes of not opening Microsoft Outlook. Below are some manual suggestions.

Technique 1: Repair Navigation Pane Configuration File

These steps will allow you to repair the configuration file of your navigation pane.

1. Click on the Run option from the Start menu

2. Enter the command "Outlook.exe / resetnavpane".

3. Click the File button to open MS Outlook and reset the Navigation Pane

Follow the below path if you cannot see the Run or Start menu.

Start >> All Programs >> Hit the Accessories option>> Click the Run key and enter the "outlook.exe" command:

Technique 2: Repair Outlook Data File using Inbox Repair Tool

Corrupt Outlook data files (OST/PST) can be caused by many reasons. The Inbox Repair Tool can be used to repair Outlook data files. You can see the Inbox Repair Tool in Microsoft Outlook by following this step.

1. Browse to c:Program files Microsoft OfficeOffice Version

2. Double-click on scanpst.exe after you have completed the above steps

3. The screen will display the Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair tool. Click the Browse button to select the Outlook data file.

4. After selecting the Outlook data file, click the "start" button. This will allow you to repair Outlook's data file. If you cannot repair Outlook OST files using Inbox Repair Tool, then Outlook OST Repair can help you easily repair Outlook OST files.

Technique 3: Disable Compatibility Mode In MS Outlook

1. Click on Start >> Run, and then type Outlook.exe

2. After right-clicking on OUTLOOK.EXE, select properties and click Properties

3. Select the Compatibility tab, and ensure that "Run this application in compatibility mode" has not been selected.

4. Click on OK to launch Outlook.

Technique 4. Create a new profile for Outlook

It has been discovered that creating a new Outlook profile is a good way to resolve different Outlook issues. By going to Control Panel >> Mail >> Files >> Add, you can create a new Outlook profile. Option

2. Click on the "Data files tab" to select the profile you just created and then click on Set as default

3. Open Outlook and import all data from Outlook using the Import option.

4. Finally, click the Next and Finish tabs to finish the process

Technique 5: Start Outlook in Safe Mode

Outlook add-ins can sometimes cause problems when you try to open Outlook Windows or start Outlook. Outlook will open in safe mode without any add-ins. To open Outlook in safe mode, go to Start and type outlook/safe into the search box. Then press the Enter key.


This blog will explain how to fix the "Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook” and "Cannot Open Outlook Windows" errors. Microsoft Outlook offers several manual methods to fix the "Unable To Open Outlook Window" error.

Outlook will not open if you choose the Microsoft Outlook program from either the Start menu or a shortcut icon. The problem is dependent on the experience you have and the version you are using.

Outlook not opening for reasons

Outlook could be unable to open properly or at all due to a variety of issues. These are some of the most common reasons Outlook may not open correctly or at all.

  • Problematic add-ins
  • Files damaged
  • An untrusted profile
  • Navigation pane problems

How to Fix Outlook Not Opening in Windows

These troubleshooting steps can be used if Outlook is not opening on your Windows computer.