With our cleaning supplies and equipment, you'll be able to keep your pool sparkling throughout the year. Poolwise Living has a wide range of top-quality automated cleaning kits and maintenance kits, as well as pool brushes and other pool equipment. These products are essential for pool owners with both above-ground and in-ground pools.

It is possible to take the stress off of maintaining your pool and enjoy more time with the pool by investing in the use of a pool vacuum. Our pool vacuums effortlessly get rid of debris off your pool's floor and walls. Make use of our pool maintenance kit, hand skimmers and other accessories to keep the pool's surface and keep it clean.

Keep your water sparkling by using pool supplies?

Make use of pool cleaning equipment and maintenance to ensure you can swim confidently. You may require automated pool cleaners that operate when you're working or at home, nets and skimmers to keep debris and leaves out of your pool or ready-made kits for testing your pool that include the chemicals you need for your pool, this collection of pool products made by Poolwise Living has everything you require.

What is a Pool Cleaner?

The pool cleaners help pool owners keep their swimming pools clean. Cleaners for pools come in various designs, such as manual, suction pressure, and robotic. Do you feel like you spend longer cleaning and maintaining your pool than taking a break? If that's the case you need to think about repairing or replacing your pool's cleaner!

Suction (vacuum) cleaners for pools and pressure pool cleaners robotic pool cleaners, as well as manual cleaning equipment are among the most commonly used kinds of pool cleaners (like Skimmer nets). Dirt, garbage, bugs leaves, twigs stones, and sand are all eliminated from the pool by cleaning. It is possible to install automated and robotic cleaners for your pool and then forget about them since they're simple to operate and operate. You'll have less time to clean and spend more time swimming using an automatic or robot pool cleaning system because they're built to work quickly easily, efficiently, and quietly.

The benefits of pool cleaners are that they enable pool owners to effectively eliminate a large amount of maintenance from their pools However, which cleaning product is the best one to use for the pool you have? In the case of cleaning your pool there are three types to think about: suction, pressure or robotic cleansers. Check out the information below to find out more about cleaners and the advantages and drawbacks for each type of cleaner.

  • Automatic Cleaners that have Suction

Suction side cleaners work with the suction line of your pool. Suction side pool cleaners are connected onto the suction line, and use the suction of the pump to propel the cleaner across the pool, while also scrubbing the surface of the pool, and taking away dirt and other debris. Backwashing your filter every week is required when using the suction-side cleaners.

Pros: Lower cost, smaller moving parts and easy maintenance

Cons: Increased filtration pressure requires the usage of an in-pool pump.

  • Automatic Cleaners that have Side Pressure Side

For the purpose of driving the pool cleaning equipment across the pool Pressure side cleaners make use of an existing pressure line. The cleaner is powered by the water returning to the pool, but it requires the use of a second booster pump. Pressure side cleaners are different from suction side cleaners are not dependent on the filtration system of your pool to get rid of particles. Pressure side cleaners store dirt and other debris in a bag that is attached with the cleaning equipment, which reduces the pressure and wear on your filter system. This will also help reduce your back washing needed.

Pros: Cost-effective, simple maintenance, and decreases pressure on the filter

Con: Extra booster pump could be required for pool pump operation. is necessary.

  • Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners run from your home's standard GFCI power outlet not your existing pool equipment. They can reduce the wear and tear of the equipment in your pool, in addition to general power usage and expenditure and provide better cleaning capabilities. With the on-board filtering system, robotic pool cleaners remove the smallest and largest garbage. The majority of these robotic pool cleaners clean and scrub your walls, floor as well as the water line and even your steps every so often and eliminate the need to clean your pool's walls. These cleaners have become a preferred choice in pool cleaning equipment nowadays because they require lesser maintenance, and are less wearable on the pool equipment.

Pros: Excellent cleaning capabilities, energy efficiency and minimal wear and tear on equipment for swimming pools.

Cons: Higher initial cost and the need to clean the filter

Automatic cleaning of pools

Automated pool cleaners are an efficient method of keeping your pool in good condition, regardless of whether it's an above-ground and in-ground pools. A lot of these pool maintenance options are simple to install since they are connected to your existing filtering system. Additionally, they have timers that let you set them up to run on the schedule of your choice. Weight sets connected to various equipment for pools keep them from floating off on the surface, making sure that they remain in the bottom. Parts replacement for automatic pool cleaners, such as hoses and cover skimmers, and tune-up kits are available to help you keep your maintenance system in good working order.

Pool Cleaners for In-ground Pools

It is as easy as dropping the robotic pool cleaner in your pool and allow it do the job. With no additional effort, these robots take care of all areas that make up your swimming pool. They're efficient and cost-effective and, perhaps more importantly, they are operational all hours of the day to keep your pool tidy and ready for use. When you have guests show up unexpectedly you'll be able to spend the time with them instead of having to rush around cleaning your pool to prepare for a surprise pool celebration.

Cleaners for Above-Ground Pools

Aboveground pool cleaners are available in various styles, including robotic manual, and automated cleaners for pools. Since they can keep your pool clean even while you're away using a robotic or autonomous aboveground cleaner can help you save time and effort. An above ground manual cleaner is cheaper however you'll have to do some of the work by yourself.

Pool equipment include skimmers, rakes and nets

With rakes and skimmers as well as nets made by Poolwise Living, you can easily remove debris out of the pool water. Skimmer baskets are used in conjunction with filtering and vacuum systems to remove debris from your automatic pool cleaning equipment and vacuums. Moreover, most of these rakes and net pool accessories have telescopic handles that allow you to reach into the middle the pool in order to gather the leaves or twigs. Skimmer baskets come with the ability to lift them out, making them easy to lift empty and change for easy and quick maintenance of your pool.

Kits for maintaining pools

For preparing the pool to be ready for summer make use of the kits that are already made from this collection of pool equipment. The strip-style design allows for hassle-free testing. Test kits aid in balancing your water by identifying the need for chemicals in your pool. It's easy to add chemical to enhance your swimming experience after you have figured out the pH of your pool. Equipment for pool use, including Skimmer baskets and water nets wall brushes and thermometers are all included in packages for pool maintenance which makes it easy to buy all the items at one time.

Cleaners for vacuums in swimming pools

The pool vacuums that have easy-to-use functions allow spot-cleaning of your pool to be easy. Connect the vacuums to your filtering system and make use of them to clean the side or bottom of the pool. These manual vacuums work combination with pool cleaning equipment that allow you to remove dirt and stains with your hands. The pool equipment collection includes both above and in-ground vacuums, making sure you are equipped with the tools you require to make your pool clean and tidy.

The pool has brushes

With these pool brush, you can scrub the walls and bottom of your swimming pool by hand. Steel bristles tackle tough staining on concrete, whereas the soft bristles of polypropylene remove liners made of similar materials without harming the pool. If it's a metal frame pool that you have put up for your kids to enjoy a splash on holiday or an professionally built in-ground pool that you can use to exercise in the morning These pool cleaners typically can be mounted on standard-sized rods with telescopic arms, allowing you to be able to reach every inch.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Pool Cleaning Equipment

It is essential to know what kind of pool supplies are needed to meet the requirements of the size and style of pool prior to making necessary purchase. Find out additional details on these as well as other essential factors to be considered when purchasing pool equipment in the sections below.

  • Pool Size and Type

When you are purchasing pool equipment be aware of the dimensions and the type of pool you are purchasing. Chemicals, vacuums and filters for above ground pools are often different than those used for the in-ground pool. A pool liner, pump, or other component could be damaged if incorrect chemicals are used. The dimension of the swimming pool crucial. To maintain a larger pool, it requires the use of tools that is large enough that they can reach to the central or deepest part as the user sits at a comfortable near the pool.

Size of pool influences the test equipment, shock treatment and tablets to sanitize. To save money, think about buying these items in bulk for larger pools. The owner of the pool must also take into consideration how much time they're willing to devote to maintenance of the pool. A handheld vacuum could be sufficient for an above-ground pool or an in-ground pool that is smaller However, for larger pools, a robotic vacuum which cleans the pool on its own is a smart investment.

  • Pool Equipment Types

There are two kinds of pool products: pool cleaning equipment and chemical cleaners. The pool skimmers, vacuums and brushes are all manual tools which allow the owner of the pool to scrub the sides of the pool to remove floating debris, such as leaves, and remove the dirt that's fallen on the bottom. These equipment typically include the telescopic pole, which permits users access to fifteen feet.

Water-quality tests and shock treatments kits are two examples of chemical cleaners. The shock treatments make use of a massive amount of chlorine to eliminate the impurities such as bacteria, algae, and chloramines that are present in the pool. Users can use test kits to measure the amount of chlorine present in the water, as well as the pH levels.

  • Material

Pool cleaning equipment are made of sturdy yet light materials that are durable and user-friendly. Extruded steel is commonly used to make poles that telescoping. Aluminum is lighter than most metals, stronger than plastic and has a superior resistance to corrosion by water.

Skimmers, pool vacuums, and brushes are usually constructed of UV-resistant plastic which can stand up to repeated exposure to chemical pool chemicals and water. Plastic is also lightweight enough to allow these devices to be moved and carried more effortlessly.

Litmus paper is part of the pool test kits to test for chlorine and bromine free level, bromine Acid demand, Base demand the total amount of alkalinity and calcium hardness and cyanuric acids, among other indicators of water quality. The test kits with the lowest cost contain litmus papers, which provide basic information. However, higher-priced test kits offer greater details about the quality of water within the pool.

  • Ease of Use

Maintaining a pool can be difficult, considering the amount of chemicals as well as pumps and filters required for cleaning and restoring the quality of water. It is easy to do this by having the top pool supplies. Skimmers, brushes and vacuums and telescoping poles can be instances of hand-operated pool cleaning equipment that ought to be constructed to make cleaning the interior of the pool easy.

Attachments to equipment for pool should be simple to attach and disconnect and poles should be light enough for you to maneuver and adjust. The attachments typically have features that make collecting debris and scrubbing walls of the pool easier. High-end equipment, such as robotic vacuums, will clean themselves, making it less of a task for the job of the pool's owner.

  • Chemical and UV Resistance

Pool equipment must be made of strong materials because they are used for a long time in the sun and are often submerged in water, which exposes them to a lot of chlorine as well as other chemicals. Most pool accessories are made from high-quality plastic that is UV-resistant and won't be corroded or rust. The majority of poles, and certain attachments are made of anodized aluminum that is lightweight and naturally resistant to corrosion and rust.

Pool Equipment: Practical suggestions

Maintenance of your pool can be an issue when you don't follow some simple rules and your pool's equipment will make it much easier. Everyday scrubbing and skimming the pool that is dirty and was left unclean for several weeks and is filled with a tense algae growth as well as a few bags of debris floating over the top will take a lot more effort than cleaning and skimming every daily for between 15 and 20 minutes.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your pool will help you save the cost of chemicals, as it reduces the number of shock treatments that are required. If you own a large pool, you should consider purchasing a robotic pool cleaning equipment which will manage a large portion of the work.

Check the water's quality, and then add the necessary chemicals to maintain it at a suitable quality. It is easier to ensure that the water is of a constant quality by monitoring the pool closely as opposed to restoring the pool's water quality that has dramatically diminished.

Buy pool chemicals in huge quantities. Chemicals for pool have a long lifespan if they are properly stored. It is possible to save fifty percent, or even more when buying chemical pool products in large quantities.

  • Everyday scrub and skimming
  • Make sure you regularly check the quality of water.
  • For savings, purchase the chemicals for your pool in the bulk.
  • You should think about purchasing a robot pool vacuum cleaner to help with the cleaning.

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