Most of the parents worry about their children’s cavities and tooth aches. Dental Cavities affects everyone regardless of age but concerning children, these caries may affect the growth of permanent tooth and the overall tooth health in the future also. So what are cavities? Let’s find it here.

Cavities are small holes on the surface of teeth caused by the de-mineralization of enamel. When your children take too many sweets and not maintain a proper dental hygiene, cavities form. This is not the only reason for cavities. It might be due to lack of vitamin D in the diet, eating candy and sticky foods which cling to teeth for a long time, improper cleaning of teeth, taking too much carbonated drinks or any medical conditions which reduces the amount of saliva in the mouth.

In the case of cavity problems, prevention is better than cure. Once the cavity has formed, you can’t treat them at home and can cause tooth aches or infections. It might even require a Root canal for a complete cure. So if your children experiences tooth aches, it may be the start of a cavity and consulting an expert pediatric dentist, Abu Dhabi will be the better option.

Here are some potential Home Remedies which helps to prevent cavities before it affects the enamel.

  1. Vitamin D

You may have already known that Vitamin D helps the growth of bones and teeth. Vitamin D is essential to absorb calcium and phosphate from your diet. You can get Vitamin D from sunlight and vitamin D rich foods like yogurt, milk and milk products. Or your best Orthodontist, Abu Dhabi prescribes Vitamin D supplements which help to prevent cavity formation in children.

  1. Proper cleaning of tooth

Choose fluoride toothpaste for brushing as fluoride prevents cavity formation and re-mineralizing the enamel. Find an experienced orthodontist, Abu Dhabi to receive best recommendations on tooth hygiene products.

  1. Oil Pulling

This age-old method is said to remove toxins and bacteria in the mouth and prevents bad breath. You just need to swish around a coconut oil or sesame oil in your mouth about 15-20 minutes and then spit it out. Recent researches showed that oil pulling reduces cavity formation and gingivitis.

  1. Avoid carbonated Drinks and sugary foods

Sugars definitely have that risk factor for cavities. Sugar containing foods, sweets and carbonated drinks induces cavity formation. So it is advised to reduce your sugar intake gradually.

  1. Rinse with Warm Salt Water

A warm salt water rinse is found to be effective to kill bacteria in the tooth. And if you have gum problems or a tooth ache, follow this method twice a day for 10 minutes, which eases the discomfort in the mouth and prevents cavity formation.

  1. Use cloves or clove oil

Cloves have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties as it contains Eugenol, a natural anesthetic. If you children have tooth ache, ask them to chew cloves for a few minutes or apply clove oil, where there is pain to ease discomfort.

All tooth aches may not be a cavity problem. Try these home remedies only at the initial stages of discomfort. They can’t prevent existing cavities. If your child experiences a persisting pain and you find a bleeding gum or swelling, immediately consult a pediatric dentist, Abu Dhabi. Early diagnosis is the better way to prevent cavities.

If the cavity has already crossed the line, your dentist suggests doing any of these treatments such as fluoride treatment, Crowns, fillings, tooth extractions or a Root Canal. Emirates Royal Center, Orthodontic & Cosmetic Dental Clinic is a comprehensive solution for all dental problems. You can book an appointment for your child at Emirates Royal center for receiving the service of our best pediatric dentist, Abu Dhabi. Our experience doctors deliver all types of Dental services and Dental Implants, Abu Dhabi under strict hygiene and safety measures.