In Maslenitsa, like Nowruz, traveling and journeying the elders of the people has a unique area, and on one of the days of this celebration, younger humans go to visit their mother and father and their spouse’s own family. A few cultural experts and paleontologists agree with that the celebrations of the human beings of various neighboring regions have the equal originality in historical instances however in different paperwork and explain the similarities in the identical context. Consumption of meals is one of the maximum attractive components. That is a Slavic holiday and its special candy is known as Bellini, whose French phrase crepe is extra commonplace in Iran. All through the vacations, a huge quantity of this very sweet and scrumptious cake is baked and offered in special flavors, that are commonly because of the roundness. Being golden is the image of the sun. In Slavic mythology, Maslentisa is the party of the rising of the sun after months of enduring cold and cloudy climate, in which the approaching end of winter is also celebrated. Further, the Maslenitsa festival, in line with its name, includes an expansion of rituals consisting of covering, snow amusing, sledding, and snow-covered vehicles, all of that are somehow tied to snow and iciness, and the philosophy of the party is in the language.
This ritual birthday party is an ancient and non-spiritual party and dates returned to a good deal earlier than the fourteenth century. Even though, as cited, this competition has non-religious roots, in it, actions which includes abstaining from consuming animal merchandise are completed by way of religious humans for up to every week, and this is the closing opportunity for human beings to eat animal and dairy merchandise, which is sort of like it's miles fasting. But after the quit of every week of birthday celebration, a length known as “fantastic Fasting” starts, which lasts 40 full days, and throughout those 40 days, people should refrain from eating meat and dancing. One of the most important symbols that during this birthday celebration, a thin pancake known as “Blini” may be visible, which has a very good taste and is one of the predominant dishes of Russia. On this week, three days, Saturday, Friday and Saturday, people visit each other. They move and spend their time touring, visiting, and visiting. Till some centuries ago, this ceremony changed into held on the identical time as Nowruz, but after some time, because of Christian and ecclesiastical beliefs, it became more similar to Orthodox Christian way of life.
Every of the seven days of Maslenitsa has a special name and customs so that Monday is the start of a special day of travelling and journeying spouse and children and buddies, and a unique cake of the vacation is given to the bad and cherished ones lost in this day. On the second day of the birthday party, a unique ceremony is held to introduce the maidens to the newlyweds, and on the 1/3 day, which coincides with Wednesday, the bridegrooms go to their mother-in-regulation’s celebration and consume a “Bellini” cake. It is possible to begin public celebrations and organization outings and clear up disputes between humans, and in this day all and sundry is making an attempt to drain the bad power accumulated from remaining 12 months. Friday, which is the 5th day of the party, is devoted to the mom’s visit to the groom and her daughter And on that day, the grooms bake a special cake to show their love for their mom-in-law, and on the 6th day, the brides deliver presents to the groom’s relatives


Celebration of Maslenitsa in Belarus