Delete, hide and deactivate comments

One of the tricks of Instagram that has been used by many users so far, is the tricks related to the comments or comments that Pich users offer in different parts. In this section, we want to review three important tricks related to your comments:

1) Delete comments: To be able to delete comments, just click on it and select the trash can icon from the options displayed at the top.

2) Filter the comments: Enter the Options section, then click on the comment and by selecting the Hide Inappropriate Comments section, you can enter the words and phrases that you do not want to appear in your comments. This section is usually used to filter offensive words.

3) Disable comments: You can not close the comments on your Instagram page at all. You can only deactivate comments on each post individually. All you have to do is enter the captions and hashtags when you want, enter the advanced settings section and disable the comments.
Use Instagram as a photo editor

One of the tricks of Instagram, which is a special feature of this application, is to use it as an image editor. With the capabilities available in the story section, you can produce quality photos with special filters and features. In the post publishing section, you can edit your favorite photos with various and special Instagram filters, and with the settings it has, create your favorite filter and use it on your photos.

You must first enable the Save Original Photos option in your Instagram settings.

To enable this option, follow the steps that we have explained in the following Instagram tricks tutorial:

    Enter your profile section
    Click the three-line icon to enter Instagram settings
    Click the Settings option
    Enter the Account section
    Click on the Original Post section.
    Here you have to enable the Save Original Photos option


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