Telegram tricks and tricks in responding directly to messages in group chats

If there are many messages in a Telegram group chat, there is always the option to reply to a particular message directly. To do this, place your finger on the desired message and click the reply option. You can also drag the message to the right so you can replay a message faster.
 Telegram tricks and tricks in searching the history of messages

If you want to search for a message that you sent months ago and you do not have the patience to search it manually, you can use one of the internal tools of Telegram. Go to the same conversation where you sent your message, tap the three dots at the top right, and select Search. Write the word you want here to display the messages that contain that phrase.
. Hashtags

Another trick of Telegram is that, like Twitter, it allows you to use hashtags (#) to categorize messages related to a specific topic on a regular basis. To take advantage of this feature, just hit the # sign and then either write a new word or choose one of the available options.

It should be noted that all hashtags are in the memory of each user's conversations, so you can find them with a simple search in your conversation history.
. Use Telegram on PC

Just like WhatsApp, you can use Telegram on PCs, Macs and even computers running Linux. In addition, there is a web-based version of this social network, the opportunity is provided to download Telegram from, to run it on your computer.
. Check active accounts in Telegram

Using Telegram tricks and tricks, users can access their Telegram account through various devices. For this reason, it is not bad to check from time to time and see what devices your account is active on. To access this section, you need to go to Settings, then Privacy and Security, and then Active sessions. In addition, if you want, you can log out of the devices on which you do not want your account to be active.


Hashtags in telegram