Manage media downloads in Telegram

Telegram allows you to send and receive media files up to 1.5 GB in size. Do not have enough space to store large files? Or do you want to view the shared photos in the gallery? Disabling or activating "Save in Gallery" and "Auto-display GIFs" is super easy.

    Android: Open Settings and click on "Auto Download Media".
    IPhone: Go to phone settings, click on "Privacy" and disable Telegram in the "Photos" section.

2. Secret conversation

If you want to make sure your conversations are secure, use this amazing Telegram feature. Once you start a secret meeting, you no longer have to worry about protecting your conversation. Secret chat uses end-to-end encryption to create a message that is only visible to the sender and receiver. Just tap on "New message" and select "New secret conversation".
3. Self-destruct timer in secret conversations

If you are concerned about the privacy of your messages while chatting in secret, use this telegram feature. With this feature, messages you send in secret chat will be automatically deleted within a time limit set by you. If you want to access it, just open the Telegram app and do the following:

    Android: Tap the three-dot button and set your destructive timer.
    IPhone: Tap the timer icon in the input bar and set the timer.

Now, from the moment the message is displayed on the recipient screen, the timer starts counting. When the timer counts down, the message disappears from both pages.

Have you used Snapchat? There is a similar feature here. If a screenshot is taken by either party, both the sender and receiver will be notified.
4. Hide the last visit from specific contacts


If you've used WhatsApp, you should be familiar with the idea of ​​hiding your last visit. The same option is available in Telegram Messenger, but with an advanced option. If you only want to hide your last visit from a specific person, Telegram lets you prevent your last visit from being viewed by a specific contact. Instead of looking at the exact time, they will see phrases like "recently", "a week ago" or "a month ago".

You will find this option in the Telegram settings. Go to Privacy and Security. Then click on "Last Visit". Here you will see the "Contacts", "All" and "None" options. You can also add exceptions.



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