Why Packing is the most important part of moving?


Packing never received the credit it deserves. It is an art, something that only skilled people can do. If done without care, it will be an open invitation to disaster. 

People always keep it at the bottom end of their list. And find it very difficult to manage when is due. Proper planning and preparation is necessary so that we can recreate our home or office at a new place.


Don’t save on packing materials 

The whole point of moving is to make sure that the items we have now will land safely in our new home or office. So it is important that the boxes, sealing tapes, cartons, wooden crates are not going to fall apart when we pick, move and place them rashly around. 

We are not going to be the people who handle our boxes. We might not even be the ones who buy the packing materials. In such cases, make sure that you get high-quality packing materials from your movers or their vendors.


Small things first

There will be a lot of items that are less important to us. Start with them while packing.  The reason behind this is that if we do the reverse, there is a good reason those important items get mixed up, confused, or even get damaged while handling. The best is always for the last. 

We can also make sure that they are stacked together and moved whenever we have assigned priority to the important items.


Not the last one

Don’t leave packing as the last process. Now that we know how important it is, don’t wait till the mover truck arrives. Pack them with ample time between your packages being ready and pickup. 



There are thousand things to do after we pack them safely and finely. First of all split them into various groups. Glass, electronics, fragile items, items that cannot be in touch with water, items that cannot be exposed to heat, etc. 

There needs to be a proper order on how they will be boarded on the mover’s truck. It should not be stacking them one by one in random order. Use colours and labels to determine the type and nature of the boxes and deal with them with the respect it demands.



To be honest, if we have done the packing and category ordering correctly, we will not have to worry about this part. But we are humans and a lot of things can go wrong. Especially when there is a lack of time, we are tense or there are too many people working on the same thing.  

Make sure that sensitive items, like documents, gold, ornaments, laptop, and similar boxes arrived safely. It is also prudent to carry very sensitive items in a handbag than sending them in boxes. 

Next, we can deal with glass items and electronics. If you have got an insurance package related to this process, it will be wise to record the receiving and unboxing process.