Are you losing sleep over not having enough clients or not making the income you want?

If you are like many small business owners and find yourself stressed out, frustrated, and overwhelmed over not having enough clients, or worried about finding new clients, or making the income you want and deserve to make then read on.

Imagine instead your phone is ringing with prospective clients and not just any client, but the type of client that you love to work with and who can't wait to pay you for that thing you do.

With these Six Simple Steps to Quickly Magnetize Your Marketing you too can create an authentic and fulfilling business, that has a steady stream of clients, is an authentic expression of you, and pays you what you want and deserve.

Determine Your Destination. When you clearly know where you are headed you are able to create a plan of action to get there and focus on the things that will make you more money. So step one is to decide on a clear focused direction for your business.
Identify Your Ideal Client. When you are clear on who you work with, the problems you solve for them, and the results you produce you are able to focus your marketing efforts on attracting those people. You can stop trying to be everything to everyone. So step two is to identify who you most enjoy working with, the problems that you most enjoy helping them solve, and the results you provide.
Powerfully and Authentically Communicate Your Message. People pay people for the problems they solve and the results they produce. Learn to speak the language of problems, solutions, and results so people clearly understand how you can help them.
Effectively and Consistently Get the Word Out. Powerfully and consistently connect with people so they understand what you do and think of you when they have that need. Create a marketing plan that consistently communicates what you do in a powerful and authentic way using marketing strategies that play to your personal strengths.
Explore Your Inner Relationship With Money. Are you ready to breakthrough your personal income barriers and make more money than you ever imagined possible? Identify your personal money myths that are keeping you stuck at your current income level.
Build Your Success Team and Get Support. Successful people ask for help often and surround themselves with people to help them and support them to build their vision. Build your success team of support people around you so you can leverage your time and energy to grow your business, attract more clients, and make more money.
The last and most critical component to Magnetize Your Marketing is to take frequent, consistent, and effective action. To find out more on how to apply these steps to "Magnetize Your Marketing" today so you attract and keep more clients, make more money, and work less, visit  and download our free audio program.
Small business expert and marketing coach Rachel Johnsen with SpringAhead delivers smart, simple ways entrepreneurs can attract and keep more clients, creating more money, time, and freedom in their businesses. To learn more about her "Gold Success Circle Coaching and MasterMind Program" and to sign up for more FREE tips like these, visit her site at