When it comes to child custody rules in California, like in all other jurisdictions, the first concern of the courts is the kid. Nonetheless, judgments are made based on the child's safety and security rather than the parent's demands. Decisions are also focused on maintaining constant contact with the parents as long as the child is safe.

This everything falls under the authority of the California Child Custody Attorney Orange County, 3020, 3040, and 3080. Nonetheless, when it comes to California child custody rules, it is up to the court to decide who finally gets custody of the child. It is not an easy choice. Custodial judgments can be petitioned by a large number of guardians or by any guardian who believes they are capable of raising and caring for the kid.

As a result, the court makes a judgment based on what it believes to be the best possible arrangement for the kid. When there is a custody challenge, the procedure is outlined in Section 3040. Custodial judgments are once again largely centered on the child. Initially, decisions will be made to accommodate the parents by granting them joint/dual custody.

Obviously, the court will prioritize having the kid raised by the parents over any other caregiver. However, owing to the bias of having shared custody, the judge is still free to make any decision they choose because the kid is the judge's first concern. In addition, if neither parent obtains custody of the kid, the judge will first favor the household where the child has been living.

This is due to child's familiarity and the fact that they do not have to alter their environment. So to recap, decisions usually go to the parents favoring joint custody. If neither parent receives custody of the kid, most often because the parents are unsuitable or damaging to the child, the judge will try to make a custodial decision based on the child's well-being.

If you have custody concerns with other guardians, your best chance is to consult a child custody lawyer in California. Don't forget you may, and you must, make the best of the situation in terms of custody and seeing the child so you can get familiar with your rights and prepare yourself for the custody battle, which will come eventually.

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