The Edinburgh city boasts of an excellent transportation network of underground tube rail, tramway, buses, railways, cabs etc. However, mini Edinburgh cabs are the most preferred ones, especially if you are travelling in a group and want to explore the city in an economical way.

As it is not possible to stop a mini cab on any street, it is essential to book it from a cab office. There are even black cabs that are used to commute from one place to another within the city, but they charge on hourly basis and may prove too costly. Hence, it makes a sense to know five essential tips to book a cabs in Edinburgh.

Book online - With an easy access to internet, this does not comes as a surprise. Booking a mini cab online is far more convenient than actually visiting a cab office in person and devoting your quality time over there. You can very well use your smartphone to book such cab online in advance. By this way, you will get an instant booking confirmation via an email.
Compare cab fares - There are now many cab offices that allow comparison of fare or you can yourself go online to check the fares of different cab offices to choose the best one that suits you in accordance to your route and time of travel. Comparing fares will help you to travel to your destination in the most affordable manner.
Only licensed mini cab - It is wise to book only a licensed cab in Edinburgh for the sake of your own safety. There are many firms that offer private vehicles as cabs for commuting in the city. However, these are not at all reliable and women in particular should book licensed cab only. Check before getting into your cab the Transport for Edinburgh sticker on the cab window as all licensed mini cabs must have this sticker in Edinburgh.
Be aware of the distance - In Edinburgh mini cabs do not have meters. Charges varies for the distance covered. This varies more with day and the night. For same distance a cab can charge anything from 5.6 to 9.0 pounds. If you are thinking to travel for a longer distance, prior booking charges will be 4.0 pounds for each mile if the distance is more than one mile.
Carry enough cash - If you are going to pay your cab driver by cash and run short of it while travelling, you can be in a real mess. You might have to give an additional 90 pence. So, it is best to pay by your credit card while booking a cab in Edinburgh.
Remember, if you have not booked a Edinburgh cab and getting into any other un-licensed car then you are more likely to face a risk. It is very tempting to enter into the first mini cab that you spotted after walking out straight from an airport, but booking is also pretty easy nowadays with many apps facilitating quick cab booking in Edinburgh.