If you plan to do MBBS in Philippines then you need to go through some basic requirements like entrance exam. But while appearing for the entrance exam you must follow some points which make your admission seamless. 

Prepare a study timetable- When it comes to preparing NEET, you need to have a study timetable. The timetable works like a blueprint that allows you to study well and know which topic to study and leave. It would be best if you read the syllabus and then prepare a schedule as per your availability. 

Go through all the instructions carefully- When you head to the examination center, you need to follow the dress code and carry all the vital materials, including photo id, hall ticket, water bottle and other things. You need to read all the instructions carefully before you start appearing for the exam. You need to ensure that you follow all rules. Furthermore, you shouldn't do any suspicious activities come what may. 

Do you have your notes- No doubt, the syllabus for competitive exams is huge, and you might forget some concepts that you have learned. Hence it is always vital to have a notebook and jot down all the vital points in your words or in the language you are comfortable with. Furthermore, you need to write all the short strategies and highlight the most relevant and vital questions which have been appeared earlier in the exam. It is always better to write things than to read them several times. 

Do exercise- A healthy mind offers a healthy body, and the exam needs the best possible mental effort. Exams lead to a lot of stress among students, and the more the stress, the more you are likely to feel quite demotivated. Excessive stress often leads to anxiety. Hence you need to spare some time to practice some mental and physical exercises, which include yoga and meditation. You should also avoid sleep deprivation by sleeping for around 6 to 8 hours and adhere to this by keeping stress away. 

It would be best if you took a deep breathe when you feel stressed and try to attempt all the questions in your paper.