Paladin is one of two support classes Lost Ark has launched for NA/EU audiences. Paladin defeats foes by using divine magic and the power of a great sword, while offering powerful boons to their allies. A good Paladin can bring huge benefits to PvE groups, and PvP groups cannot underestimate the powerful abilities of Paladin.

A proper setup of Tripods can increase damage to your teammates, provide shields, cleanse debuffs, and even reduce the damage they take by 70% in a pinch. In general play, Paladins don't have the typical skill rotation. You can provide your buffs as often as you want, and the two buffs you will always want are Blessings and Wrath of God. You should alternate between them, but the effects don't stack.

Holy Protection can shield or purify your teammates. Godsent Law and Light Shock can add debuffs to the target. If you want to ensure that the Vestige debuff is always activated, you should use these two skills alternately. When your team is in a really tough situation, you should use your Ascension skill. You need to constantly improve your Identity skill (Holy Aura), just like any other good support. If you want to use Holy Aura more often, you should use the blue skill to fill your Piety Meter.

In the choice of gems, you should focus on reducing the cooldown of all skills. And first you need to focus on Heavy Blessings, Godsent Law, and Wrath of God.

A good setup of Tripods will be able to greatly enhance the support of Paladin's team, giving them a very powerful buff. But you still need to get your skills up to the highest level possible so that you can get the most out of it. There's a cheap Lost Ark Gold for sale at, and any player looking to quickly level up their character will choose to buy it there, so if you want your Paladin to get stronger, you can try that too.
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