It's wintertime and it’s freezing outside. At this time it is important that you carefully manage your vehicle to eliminate a threat during cold months. The biggest threat to your vehicle comes from the snowfall during this time. You might think that snow accumulating on surfaces is normal but it’s not like that on the windshield of a vehicle. Windshield replacement companies suggest that people should avoid some cleaning mistakes to keep their vehicles safe and avoid costly repairs. Read the following points to know about them:

Using the wrong tools: When there is light ice on your windshield, you might try to use an ice spray or wiper blades to remove the snow. But beware; only a little quantity of snow is enough to damage your wipers. You should always use an ice scraper tool to remove the snow that has accumulated on your windshield. Also, if you are thinking of using objects that look like an ice scraper, you can be wrong because objects like a shovel and metallic scrapers can damage your windshield.

Removing the ice using water: Many people make the mistake of using hot water to remove snow in winter. This is a terrible idea. You should know that every material has an elastic coefficient that depends on its expanding and shortening when exposed to hot and cold. While metal can bear the length changes, glass cannot. Therefore using water to clean snow should be avoided. Coldwater and lukewarm water can also create similar complexities.

Not replacing the wipers: Worn-out wipers may result in the opening of the hard plastic inside them. This kind of hard exposure can result in scratches on your windshield and cost you unnecessary repairs. Therefore, even if you notice a minor issue with the wiper, replacement is a must.

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