Ants are one of the most ubiquitous species on earth that keep thriving no matter what. These little yet mighty insects often find their find inside our home. Though it may not be as alarming as having a venomous snake or spider, it can be disturbing and deteriorating to your home in many ways.

Top Dog gives reliable pest control on the Gold Coast and can help with many such serious issues. While we come into the picture when the situation is a little out of control, there are a few things that you can do on your own to pests at bay. Particularly in the case of ants, you need to focus on three things.

Things Alluring Ants to Come into Your Home: -

Fissures & Cracks

The ants find their way to your living space through fissures and cracks in the walls. These creatures are champions in survival and in accessing almost any habitable area too. So, when they find openings to your rooms, kitchen, and bathroom, it gets easier for them to take entry into your home in the first place.

From there, the ants can easily snuff food and go wherever they find it. So if you have any fissures or cracks in your house, you must fix them. Keep in mind that ants love damp wood so it is advisable to keep the wooden structure of your home as dry as possible. A quality pest control on the Gold Coast will check your home for any entry points for this critter.

Uncovered & Strewn Food

There are times when we forget to cover our food properly and sometimes, there are small pieces scattered here and there too. Moreover, we are not always thorough and prompt at cleaning and as a result, the food becomes available to ants. As it is hinted above, once the ants get access to your home, they start looking for food.

Food thrown around by your toddler or pet often becomes an easy pick for ants. Moreover, children may also invite them to a delightful feast of candies and chocolates that often attract a large number of ants. A thorough vacuum cleaning is definitely a good idea, but it is understandable if you can’t do it time and again.

Moisture & Vegetation

Most of the houses have gardens which result in a lot of moisture around. This becomes a favourable breeding ground for ants and they easily find their way into your home. Also, there are ants that chew wood to build their nests. The wood of trees of your vegetation become a perfect source of their food.

You certainly won’t stop gardening because of this problem, but you can create a barrier between the wooden structure and soil. This would be a great help in keeping the ants at bay.

Top Dog gives unmatched pest control on the Gold Coast and helps homes and businesses do away with the problem of pests. We understand that most structures are not fool proof from pests and there are a number of reasons that keep them breeding.

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