As we all know, Canon Printers are prone to problems. One example is when  Canon printers print pages that are blank. In reality, it's terrifying when you are doing a great job. However, the printer abruptly is unable to work. In addition, if you change the cartridge, the issue grows. But, you can contact canon mx922 printing blank pages to resolve this problem by yourself.

There are many other easy but effective methods to resolve your questions within a brief time. However, you must be aware of one thing if you're not a computer-savvy individual We suggest you not risk it. simply contacting online support to solve the issue quickly.

Now, take a look at the possible causes of Canon printers printing blank pages issue as the following:

  • There is a default setting in the Canon printer's hardware.
  • This problem could be due to a failure of the cartridge.
  • Ink levels that are low could represent one of the main factors behind this issue.
  • Certain software could be the cause.
  • Sometimes, printer drivers cause issues
  • The problem may be in the device you're using to print, which is not a the printer.

Follow these steps to resolve the Canon black pages printing issues on the printer:

Check cartridge

  • It is important to ensure that you ensure that you install the toner or ink cartridges correctly in your Canon printer by following the directions that are in the manual for installation.
  • Eliminate the protective sheet or circular covering of the first, otherwise it can hinder your work, and the Canon printers printing blank pages errors might occur.

Check the ink level

  • If the ink cartridge in your printer is empty, your printer is bound to prints empty pages. It is easy to assess the amount of ink by looking at the menu buttons on the printer.

Unblock your print head

  • The most common cause is in the event that you've not used the Canon printer for a while. The ink has dried out and creates blockages to printing heads. When that happens, using a soft cloth with lint-free material, you can clean the print heads. You could also employ an automatic cleaning technique to clean dirty or blocked print heads.

Try to update the drivers for your Printer

  • If the driver for your printer is out of date, it can result in a problem. Therefore, ensure that you keep your driver up-to-date.

If the issue isn't able to recur, contact Canon Printer Customer Support Number and be connected with skilled techs. The tech experts are always available until you're able to fix the issue yourself.

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