When you think about your child’s future, what do you see? Do you see world leaders, articulate speakers, architects, engineers, surgeons? Do you see in the adults who are responsible and compassionate at the same time? We all want our children to reach the pinnacle of success without compromising on the happiness quotient in their life. We want them to be academically notable and emotionally happy. Young minds are like little buds waiting to bloom at their best. But this can happen only when they are provided with a positive learning environment and Top School In Greater Noida West the right ingredients to nourish them completely. Children not only learn what is being taught to them but also perceive and absorb a lot from the people who are around them. Their experience with others lays the foundation of their own moral and emotional character building. Therefore, it is crucial for them to have a positive relationship with their teachers who surround them for a major part of their everyday life. A positive student-teacher relationship not only develops trust, confidence, and a sense of security but also makes the atmosphere conducive for learning to take place. When students feel comfortable, safe, and connected with the teacher, they participate actively in the class and challenge themselves academically. They eventually learn to accept and love others, developing better socio-emotional skills. Such students have a higher IQ and a higher EQ. The world today needs adults who have a skillset to innovate, motivate, execute, and inspire. This skill set includes skills like team building, time management, strategic thinking, creative thinking, critical analysis, data synthesizing, and all sorts of fancy words, which can simply be stated as “individuals with confidence, courage, and motivation to strive for excellence.” These skills need to be built right from the beginning when they work with their peers in the classrooms. It is therefore imperative for the teacher, who is the driving force, to be aware and actively involved in character building. A strong student-teacher relationship is built through communication and the exchange of energy, which will have a large and robust effect on a child’s mental health. It also helps avoid behavioral issues when the feedback provided to them is constructive. A strong relationship with the teacher motivates the student to be present at Good Schools In Greater Noida West every single day and perform better than before. Children are like clay in a potter’s hand. In a classroom, a teacher takes the role of that skilled potter who molds the clay-like delicate lives to perfection through personal touch, time, and love. If you want their curious nimble fingers to become strong hands that can handle pressure and power, you need to give them in the trustworthy hands of a dedicated teacher. It is a great responsibility for a teacher to impact her students’ lives positively and leave a mark because young minds are highly impressionable. For More Info Visit- https://www.sarvottamnoida.com