Mayoor School, the Best CBSE Affiliated International School In Noida Expressway, is a well-known institution for its wonderful teaching-learning practices. It leaves no stone unturned to ensure the quality of teaching-learning methodologies. Mayoor School commits to providing quality teachers who are always willing to bring new ways of teaching and learning to students and make learning a happy journey for them.The best CBSE school believes in the concept of Integrated Learning, which means all subjects are interrelated to each other and learning takes place simultaneously. The curriculum is designed in an integrated manner with a holistic approach. The students do not learn subjects separately but are taught in such a way that learning from one topic helps them build the basis for another. 

Mayoor School, Noida believes in giving their students the wings to fly by giving them opportunities to participate in events where their learning from different areas helps them to grow and prosper. The educators ensure that they prepare the students in such a way that they use their academic and work-related knowledge in the right direction. Mayoor School, Noida is a committed CBSE school and works on the guidelines of the National Education Policy, which believes in the integration of subjects with Art and Culture. It is believed that art brings creativity in a person, but along with that, it also brings the discussion of thoughts, ideas, and expression. 

Mayoor School, Best Schools In Noida has also initiated a "Hub of Learning" where some schools in Noida are working together under the guidelines of the National Education Policy. These schools are sharing their teaching-learning practices for the Integration of Art and Culture into the curriculum. We initiated a wonderful event UBUNTU, where children practiced the virtue of kindness. As moral teaching makes the base for a successful life, Mayoor School ensures that the kids have both academic knowledge and moral values hand in hand. They practiced how to become the sunshine of anyone’s life. The school moved ahead in this mission hand in hand with many other schools across India and International.

It emphasized working and growing in co-operation so that all have a win-win situation. It ensures that everyone should always be motivated for a good cause. Integrated learning triggers higher-level thinking skills in learners. It encourages them to actively participate in different real-life experiences. Mayoor School, Noida, has made the best use of the integration of technology into the curriculum during the most difficult times of COVID-19. The school implemented full-fledged, hassle-free online classes and is still going on. The educators were fully trained to deal with the situation and work in high spirits.