At that point they break into the old R&B chestnut "Chain of Fools," yet this time singing: "Change, change, change… change, change, change… change, change… change… change… change of disposition."

More melodic revue than melodic, since the plot and character improvement are non-existent, Menopause is great purifying fun, particularly on the off chance that you go with a sweetheart who's simply gotten through "the change." Though it's a snatch your-lady buddy and-go sort of occasion, with ladies making more than 95 percent of the crowd, it's a terrific route for moderately aged men to get little basic instruction.

With about six farce melodies of boomer tunes from the '60s to '80s, the revue investigates such menopausal achievements as hot flashes, night sweats, absent mindedness, and emotional episodes. Blend in the female staples of youngsters, spouses, and mother issues, alongside the typical maturing grumblings of wrinkles, heaviness, poor stamina, and insufficient sex.

Menopause covers a culturally diverse day when an innocent, firmly twisted Iowa Housewife and chipper, dumb Earth Mother from the Midwest, both doing the traveler scene at Bloomingdales, experience a urban intense Professional Woman and self-consumed Soap Star. The group of four goes through the day together shopping and eating, flashing all through restrooms and changing areas, all while chattering melodies and hurrying about in charmingly hesitant movement.

To honor the hot flashes that plaque the menopausal lady's quest for rest, the Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive" and "Night Fever" gets melodiously changed into "Stayin' Awake" and "Night Sweatin'." The '60s pop chestnut "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" turns into the wry mourn "My Husband Sleeps Tonight," in light of the fact that the spouse unquestionably isn't.

In a tribute to pharmaceuticals, the cast chatters they simply need to be "Rational and Normal Girls" to the Beach Boys tune "California Girls." In "Thank You, Doctor" otherwise known as "Help Me, Rhonda," they joyfully amuse: "My primary care physician recommended a pill, that wiped out my inclination to execute." Menopause The Musical Tickets Discount Code

R&B is ample on the melodic menu, and Linda Boston, who culminated candid brazenness in her one-lady show Moms Mabley: The Naked Truth, has a vitality that conveys the show and discovers its cheerful spot in the healthy, dark unmentionables finale.

Three entertainers from North Texas hold down different jobs. The regarded Linda K. Leonard just got off a run as our honorable and clever previous representative in Ann from Stage West. However here she is as the Iowa Housewife exceeding expectations in silent droll attempting to fit into a bustier multiple times excessively little—and almost succeeding—at that point singing an adjusted ""Only You" and "the enchantment that you do" into a pink, dildo-molded amplifier. Worth the cost of confirmation.

Vocalist/entertainer Karri Atchley of Arlington has been holding down the job of the vain and worrisome Soap Star for this segment of the visit since 2008 turning in some amazing vocal turns. Fun comedic cleaves in Brenda Lee's C&W "I'm Flashing" done as "I'm Sorry" finished with crowd schtick. Janis Roeton has been showing the Earth Mother since 2006 and consolidates her energetic history as New Christy Minstrel with a silly stoner vibe.

Menopause the Musical, composed by Jeanie Linders, is presently a business juggernaut with showcasing attach ins to estrogen-pill merchants and such, visiting organizations that interminably wander the world, and a house gig at Harrah's Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas that is currently the longest running scripted show in the city's history. Be that as it may, it has raised noteworthy assets for ovarian malignant growth examine.

It's not significant, delights in platitudes, carries the same old thing to the discussion about ladies, and is all around cheap. A sketch appear with top creation esteems. However the setting gets pressed with snickering females, and that is something worth being thankful for. Ladies are underrepresented at parody clubs and shows. Many are as yet humiliated by realistic sex and language. (Insight, women: You can go to Backdoor Comedy Club.) Menopause gives a sheltered spot to sisterhood and thoughtful chuckling. In case you're female and more than 50, you will gripe pretty much this at any rate. Why not set back and let another person do it for you for some time?