A modular classroom is a building that is constructed off-site in a factory setting. Instead of bringing the construction materials to the site to begin construction, the building is constructed off-site in a warehouse. Upon completion, the classroom is shipped to its future location. Here are five benefits of modular classroom trailers.


Modular classrooms are often referred to as portable classrooms. That’s because they can be moved around as needed. In many cases, not all schools will require modular classrooms on a permanent basis; they may just be necessary for temporary use during construction or other emergency situations. They can also be moved from location to location on the same school grounds, as needed.

Design Options

Modular classrooms are available in a variety of designs. Some can be ordered already furnished and ready to use while others are available to be customized. For permanent modular classrooms, they can be constructed using brick and mortar to match the exterior of the main school building. They also include HVAC systems, decks, safety rails, and security systems.

Fast Delivery

If your school is experiencing rapid expansion in the student body, you’ll likely need extra space to accommodate the students rather quickly. Modular classrooms are available much faster than the time it would take to construct additional square footage onto the existing school structure.


Modular classrooms aren't necessarily cheaper than conventional construction. However, depending on the customizations and design that you choose, it can be a less expensive option. It is an overall cheaper option when you factor in the flexibility of design and use.

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