It is always great to have money in your bank account.

You know what’s even better is knowing that you can make that money by playing legit games that pay through PayPal.

Yes, you can easily earn PayPal money by playing games online.

In this post, we will explore a list of PayPal games that pay real money instantly.

In 2022, playing games online has emerged as a cool way to win some cash while remaining confined to the safe surroundings of your home.

Let’s cover several of these games or game apps that pay instantly to PayPal without wasting any more time.

Before we get to that, we must tell you that these are legit money making apps that make payments directly to your PayPal account.

If you have been running around in circles with the question – what PayPal games are legit and pay real money, then you will have the answer by the time you will end reading this post.

And, you know what’s the best part?

You can win real money in these games, there is no need to exchange points for coupons or the rewards that you are never going to use.

Just sign up for the apps that give you money, win huge and get all the money transferred to your PayPal account.

You can easily make $100 to $1,000 per day, depending upon the time you can devote to these legit PayPal games.

We know that generating side income by playing PayPal games that pay real money can help you avoid embarrassing situations.

That’s the reason why we have meticulously compiled this list of game apps that pay instantly to PayPal!

So, let’s get started.

Best 2022 PayPal games that offer cash rewards:

1) Wealth Words



Want to earn PayPal money by playing games? Wealth Words is the place to be at.

On this platform, you can win instant money by playing different types of money games such as Quick Picks, Jackpot and Tokens games available at wealth words.

You will be amazed to know that there is a never-ending list of games available on the platform that pay instantly to PayPal on winning.

Don’t forget to play The Third Wave at Wealth Words!

A guaranteed chance to win, even a single correct clue can makes you winner.

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Since it offers PayPal games for money & fun, Wealth Words is a highly popular name in the gaming community.

Talking specifically about the nature of the games, it is a hub for different online crossword games where anyone can try their luck.

All you have to do is to simply register and start solving crosswords right away.

Submit all the correct answers and get cash rewards.

Now, isn’t that an easy way to earn PayPal money instantly and boost your income?

It is worth mentioning here that thousands of people have played and won via this PayPal word game platform.

If you are also looking to generate a second income stream, now is your chance to try your luck with these PayPal games that pay real money.

So, what are you waiting for? Without wasting any time, get started with playing on one of the legit PayPal games platforms that exists in the market.

If you want make $100 in single shot then try UNICORNS.

It’s a time bound crossword puzzle game. Solve the puzzle in 5 seconds and win $100.


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Initially, you can play this game at 50% discount by using voucher code “QUICK50”. You’re surely going to love it. Be a Unicorn today!

2) Feature Points



We are just getting started. The second on our list of reliable ways to make money from home is FeaturePoints.

You can earn PayPal money by playing games at FeaturePoints.

However, with FeaturePoints, you have a ton of choices for cashing out other than PayPal.

This includes Bitcoin, gift cards, credits towards games, instant money through quick picks etc.

This makes it such a popular choice.

They also seem to pay the fastest amongst all the game apps that pay instantly to PayPal on this list when you’re

ready to cash out. Usually, they pay you within a few hours.

You know what’s interesting?

There are other ways to earn cash on FeaturePoints besides playing these games to make money on PayPal.

This includes watching videos, shopping online, referring others, and taking surveys.

How cool is that!

3) Ebates



Love cashback? Ebates is the place for you!

Ebates gives you cashback when you buy different items online, very similar to quick picks that instantly rewards you on every game won.

The most interesting part is that you get up to 40% cashback from more than 2000 stores.

There are also coupons available and you get a $10 reward after signing up on these apps that give you money.

Interestingly, besides PayPal, gift cards are also a payment option.

4) CashPirate


If you have an Android device and want to earn money by playing games PayPal, you must give CashPirate a try.

You can make money from referrals (10% of friends’ earnings), surveys, products,  quick picksetc., besides sticking to the tried and tested option to make money as you play games for PayPal?

5) GiftPanda



If you like CashPirate, you will certainly love GiftPanda.

This is because both the games are made by the same company.

With GiftPand, you can earn money online without investment.

You earn money by playing games PayPal, taking part in quizzes, getting achievement batches, referrals and a lot more.

You earn money by playing games PayPal, taking part in quizzes, getting achievement batches, referrals and a lot more.

And, just like CashPirate, you can also earn money on GiftPanda from surveys, referrals and shopping online.

A fun fact – GiftPanda is one of the most highly-rated apps with 4.7/5 stars and 300000 reviews out there.

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