Hair smoothening sounds like an easy deal, but the maintenance comes at a hefty price. The smoothening procedure gives you smooth and silky hair, and if cared properly, it lasts longer than the expected time. On the other hand, mishandling of smoothened hair can also lead to serious hair damage. Most women who opt for chemical hair treatment often enquire how to sleep after hair smoothening. To ensure that your hair remains silky smooth even after you wake up, you have to follow some necessary steps. In the following article, we will discuss some vital tips that you should follow while sleeping to retain your hair’s luster post a hair smoothening procedure.

What is Hair Smoothening?

As denoted by its name, hair smoothening refers to the process of smoothening one’s hair with the help of chemicals and heat. This is a semi-permanent treatment and lasts anywhere between three to twelve months, depending on one’s maintenance routine, hair growth, etc. Hair smoothening treatment is also sometimes referred to as keratin or protein treatment and is considered to be less damaging than hair straightening procedure.

Sleeping After Hair Smoothening

Hair smoothening gives you frizz-free, manageable hair. However, the duration of its effects can cut short if you do not take good care of your tresses post-procedure. The first 48-72 hours after the hair smoothening treatment is considered to be the most crucial, and hence, you need to be extra careful with your hair to prevent things from going wrong.

Use a Satin or Silk Pillow Cover

It’s not unusual for women to Google, ‘How to sleep after hair smoothening?’ after undergoing a hair smoothing treatment. The first piece of advice that will always pop up will be regarding the fabric of a sleeping pillow. It is advised that a silk or satin pillowcase should be used for sleeping after hair smoothening procedure. Silk or satin pillowcase is recommended because they won’t let your newly smoothened hair crimp if you move a lot during sleep.

Keep Your Room Temperature Conditioned

If you recently had a hair smoothening treatment, then you need to avoid sweat. Sweat wets your hair, making it frizzy and curly, and it results in loss of shine and smoothness. You will face the issue, especially during the humid weather during the summer months. You can dry your hair afterward, but the damage done by sweat to the hair and scalp is mostly irreversible. Therefore, you should keep your room temperature fixed in a conditioned range. If you don’t have an AC in your room, you can switch on the fans or use some natural air.

Always Comb Your Hair Before Lying Down

So far, we have talked about the steps you can take to save your hair from crimps and sweat. However, haircare is also about taking simple steps to keep your hair healthy. Some women often forget to comb or separate their hair before sleeping, which is not recommended by trichologists. If you want your hair to stay in the best form after you wake up, you can use a broad-teeth comb for separating your tresses before you go to sleep. If you are not sure about your hair’s placement while sleeping, you can separate it into two halves, resting apart on each of the shoulders. By doing this, your hair won’t directly rest on the pillow.

Final Word

Beautiful hair adds to one’s self-confidence tremendously. Follow the above-mentioned steps diligently to get the best of your hair smoothening treatment. Shed all your worries related to post-smoothening care and flaunt your shiny locks with grace!