It is rightly said that ‘Reading a book is just like taking a journey.’ It is a process that helps an individual to enter the world of imagination and make a contact with reality.

Mayoor School, School In Noida believes that instilling reading habit at an early age is one of the most fruitful efforts for the growth and development of a child. The best gift that a child can get is a book to read. It not only helps a child to learn a language but also to develop a sense of understanding. We at Mayoor School Noida, most popular school on Expressway, believe that raising a habit of reading in children is very significant for their future, not just in academics but also in improving their confidence, knowledge, speech and also develops their overall personality. It shapes their personality as well as their future. Reading books might be considered as just a hobby by many of us but it also plays a vital role in enhancing the spectrum of knowledge and forming an opinion.

In cognizant with this, Mayoor School, Noida, best CBSE school in Noida, has conducted plethora of activities to inculcate the reading habit among its students. The competent staff at Mayoor school, top 10 schools in Noida, makes constant efforts to engage the students in activities such as Read Aloud With Friends, Read An Interesting Extract to cultivate the interest for reading in students.

It is rightly said that ‘Reading is to mind what food is to body’ as reading helps our mind to generate new ideas, broaden our vision and form our own perspective. When a person reads a book, it widens his/her horizon as it helps the person to analyse and comprehend a situation. Mayoor School, Noida, best CBSE affiliated school provides countless opportunities to its students to nurture the habit of reading. It understands the need to read so the lesson plans are designed in such a way as to provide ample opportunities to the children to express and articulate their thoughts. The staff at Mayoor School, Noida, best school in Noida Expressway, is trained to groom the pupils and assist them to be unique in their own way. Each student is encouraged to read the book of their interest as it is believed that it will help them to be creative and at the same time horn their communication skills.

In order to impress the practice of reading in children of all ages, they are motivated to read the newspaper daily. It is not only a treasure house of information but also strengthens reading and writing skills of the children.

We at Mayoor School, Noida, good school in Noida, believe that reading is a foundation of learning process as it develop the ability to express verbally and in writing. To enable the students to experience the joy of learning, we at Mayoor School Noida, best CBSE affiliated International school in Noida, ensure the access and availability of a variety of simple and interesting story books that are illustrated with beautiful and creative pictures. Apart from providing the books, we at Mayoor School, CBSE school in Noida also conduct an array of activities such as discussion on books, writing and sketching the character sketch of their favourite character and designing book cover to increase their involvement with books and development reading habit.