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If you want a lawn that stands out, free of unsightly weeds, look no further than Clay Fields Hort. We specialise in removing weeds from your lawn using selective spraying or by hand, leaving your grass to flourish and thrive. Our lawn mowing services trim around the edges of your lawn to create a neat and tidy line, elevating the appearance of your property. Our weed removal service carefully removes persistent weeds from your garden beds, ensuring your desirable plants can grow and compete. At Clay Fields Hort, we use powerful and quiet equipment, including a high-torque mower and high-rev line-edger to get the job done without distracting noise. Say goodbye to clippings impairing the appearance of your lawn as we efficiently catch and remove them offsite with our green-waste bins. Let us take care of your lawn, with our professional lawn mowing services approach that will leave you satisfied. Choose Clay Fields Hort today.
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