You can earn $1 for each friend you invite, knowing that registration on our social network is free!

Once your accepted balance reaches 20$, you can request your payment only with these conditions :

A- You must have a verified profile.

B- Your referrals must have a verified profile.

In your dashboard you have 2 types of balances :

1- Pending balance : is based on the number of thereferrals ytou invited. Example : you invited 50 friends, your pending balance is 50$

2- Accepted balance : is the withdrawble balance, you can withdraw it once you reach 20$. This balance is based on the your verified referrals.

Example : if you have 50 referrals, but only 20 referrals are verified, your valid balance is 20$.


Copy the the link of your affiliate link and send it to your friends to register in our website.

Get 50% Commission Share For Each Transaction You Referred.

Every friend you invite and register via your affiliate link, then he buys a package, you get 50% commission from his purchase.

Example : if your referral buys a package of 40$, you get 50% commission in your balance.

What are teh conditions?

1- You must have a verified prodile

2- You must be a VIP member. (A valid package)

3- Your referrals must be verified

You can withdraw your balance once reached 20$ (payment usually takes between 5 to 7 business days)

You can earn the 50% only by referring a friend who REGISTER to the website. buying a new package will not get you the 50% commission.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join our happy affiliates who already referring to their friends and earning a massive 50% commission share from the purchase they made through!

Let your imagination run wild. You don't have to be the next Spielberg to play and win.

Find a compelling video that helps us understand, Teach us, Motivate and inspire us. This is your chance to win 100$ per month.

1- The contest will start at the 1st day of every month, and the deadline to submit your video is 26th of every month. When the dealine is reached, the of number of shares and likes will not be counted.

2- Search the internet and find an interesting video ( Youtube, Vimeo, etc...)

3- The contest is available only for VERIFIED VIP members

4- The video with the most shares and views will be selected as the video winner

5- Our team will contact the winner to proceed with the payment. The user must have a valid PAYPAL account.

Earn points by creating posts, posting comments and reacting to your friends photos, posts and comments.

Each 10000 points equal $1. You can withdraw your balance once reached 20$

What should I do to get started?

1- You must have a verified Rollbol account.

2- Find and join Facebook groups that has more than 2k members. Groups subjects must be : earning money, working from home, affiliate, etc...

3- Share your affiliate link in the groups you joined.

4- Send us proof of the link you shared.

How much do I earn?

Your earning is 5$* per 30 shares. Also you can earn 1$ per user when he register to our website using your affiliate link.

Are you ready to make some extra money?

*Subject to change at anytime.