Club Mahindra has the perfect membership plan for your needs!

Every family has its own ideas of a perfect vacation. Some like to travel when the seasonal attractions are in full force, some like to travel in the offseason when they can enjoy their solitude. Some families prefer a studio apartment to share while others prefer a two-bedroom for more privacy. Whatever may be your travel requirements Club Mahindra memberships have just the plan for you.

Don’t compromise anymore, find your perfect fit

A quick look through Club Mahindra membership reviews shows that they can cater to all kinds of requirements. There are four plans to chose from- blue, white, red, and purple. Each has a different price range. But once you buy any Club Mahindra membership you are assured a pre-booked annual trip for the next 25 years.

Club Mahindra also offers options for paying through EMIs so anyone can fulfill their travel fantasies without feeling a dent in their wallet. Club Mahindra membership reviews assure value for money, with members noticing a reduction of nearly 35% in expenditure when compared to regular personally organized family vacations.

Safe, wholesome vacation for your family

For families with small children, aged people, or people with special dietary needs, travel planning can be an arduous task. But with Club Mahindra, there is no need to worry. Club Mahindra holidays at pre-booked Club Mahindra resorts allow guests to relax confidently in the knowledge that their customized requirements will be met.

Club Mahindra resorts may be a little removed from the heart of bustling city life, but they ensure security for their guests as they enjoy their time with their families.

Club Mahindra resort reviews mention the huge range of activities available at Club Mahindra resorts ranging from swimming pools, gyms, spas, theme nights, cultural performances, sports, and many more. The reviews from fellow members and guests at the resorts give a clear picture of the ambiance and excellent service offered by the Club Mahindra resorts.

Club Mahindra reviews also praise the menu at their resorts which offer varieties of classic dishes with some local cuisines and long lost regional delicacies.

Perfect spots

A travel membership does not mean that members can visit only a select few places. Club Mahindra members can choose destinations from nearly 100 spots domestically and abroad. Club Mahindra is associated with more than 4,300 resorts worldwide.

Be smart with your money

Club Mahindra membership reviews give ample proof of how their membership plans can help save money in the long run. But in today’s world, no one can guarantee to be able to get away for a week. But there is no need to fret. Unused vacation days get carried forward and can be used to extend the travel plans of some other year. With Club Mahindra, a satisfactory vacation is guaranteed.

Vacations are meant for relaxation. But most of the time the stress of planning a vacation, maintain a budget, booking hotels, and finding restaurants takes away from the enjoyment of traveling. Club Mahindra memberships allow you to just focus on the beautiful places you visit and unwind from the duties of everyday life.

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These Club Mahindra Reviews Will Help You Decide!

Perfect Tips To Plan A Vacation

Planning a vacation is definitely a herculean task and to make sure it’s perfect, is even more. A holiday to get away from your stressful life includes being stressed even while organising it. Are the rooms going to be comfortable? How to make the ultimate use of the activities available? Did you pack enough diapers for the baby? The list never ends.

Here are some tips that will surely ease this process for you:

1. Set a reasonable budget

2. Compare deals

3. Research on all the activities available

4. Plan out an itinerary


Choose Club Mahindra Holidays!

Cut down on all the chaotic planning and uncertainty by choosing Club Mahindra for your quintessential vacation. From accommodation to food and all the activities, you don’t need to lift a finger. All you need to do is choose your location and sit back.

Perks Of Choosing Club Mahindra Resorts

Design Holidays Your Way

Club Mahindra Membership lets you avail of a 7-day vacation every year. However, the best part is that you get to stock these holidays your way. Members may break down the 7 days as per their comfort. The holidays can be dissected into two or even three slots a year. This way you get to visit more Club Mahindra Resorts and make the most of your membership. It gets better, you even get to carry forward your number of days to the next year.

As per Ravi Shukla ‘getting a Club Mahindra Membership is worth it if you travel every year. The Club Mahindra Resorts are lavish and modern amenities are surrounded by the pristine environment.’

Experience The Surreal

With Club Mahindra Membership one gets to be enthralled by unique activities as per your age and interests. Jignesh Shah spoke about his experience conveying how he felt like a royal during his Rajasthan holiday with Club Mahindra, from experiencing a royal welcome to a royal dinner setting.

Get to experience unbelievable festivals and events such as Rann-Utsav (Gujarat), Jal Mahotsav (Madhya Pradesh), Mahindra Open Sky Festival (Rajasthan), Chetak Festival (Maharashtra), and more.

Pay Nothing For Your Dream Vacation

Aarti Bhalla left this Club Mahindra review talking about how with Club Mahindra she pays almost the same rate for a holiday in India or abroad. There are no worries about changing exchange rates and she also fetches good air deals.

Once customers invest in a Club Mahindra membership, their holiday packages are paid for. Unlike the usual hotel chain, the prices do not fluctuate as per the market. One can plan their vacations without worrying about aspects like inflation.

Weld Relationships With Your Loved Ones

“Club Mahindra has brought us closer to our children,” says Arshi Jain. Arshi says ‘they take holidays together regularly and can spend quality time together.’

With Club Mahindra Holidays you and your family get unadulterated quality time together. Not only does the club curate experiences for the entire family but also provides activities designed for every member.

Let all these Club Mahindra testimonials stand as proof and help you decide. You surely will not be disappointed. As Apurva Shah and his family who have been Club Mahindra’s steadfast members since 2010 say ‘it feels like Heaven!’ For them, it was an experience of a lifetime and their expectations surpassed what they saw even on the website. Not only did Apurva and his wife enjoy the amenities and activities, but their kids did too.

So, head towards and see for yourself!

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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Club Mahindra For Your Family Holiday

When you’re looking at the best family holidays, you want a space where the adults can relax and the children can run around to their heart’s content. Good food, nice and relaxed entertainment and beautiful surroundings!

You will get this, and more, if you choose Club Mahindra holidays. All the resorts are chosen to be at beautiful spots, with many experiences available nearby. Whether you want to visit Kerala’s tea plantations or want to enjoy River Kosi, Club Mahindra has something to offer you.

Let’s look at the Top 5 reasons people choose Club Mahindra’s membership for holidays:

  1. Club Mahindra Resorts: Anywhere You Want to Travel

If you look at Club Mahindra’s resort reviews, it’s easy to see that the sheer variety of choice is important for many members. You can travel internationally or nationally, to thousands of excursions!

Just in India, you can enjoy locations as varied as Uttarakhand’s Kosi river resorts and Rajasthan’s Jhalana leopard safari.

  1. Sail the Seas with Club Mahindra Holidays

If you don’t want the hassle of choosing an itinerary, let Club Mahindra do it for you! Thousands of exciting cruises are on offer. Cruises are excellent for families who want a relaxed, luxurious vacation with plenty of sights but without the hassle of choosing hotels, sightseeing partners, and so on.

AsClub Mahindra’s membership reviews show, many members appreciate the choice of cruises and the customer service on offer, even apart from the beauty of these vacations.

  1. New Experiences for the Whole Family

The family that has interesting experiences together, stays together! Club Mahindra’s holidays aren’t limited to gorgeous sights or excellent food.

There are several fun adventures that your family can invest in together, with Club Mahindra. Whether you want to try a Horror-Themed night or float away on Kerala’s floating cottages, or even learn a few magic tricks, a Club Mahindra membership will put it at your fingertips.

Children love the experiences, and many workshops are planned especially to entertain young children.

  1. Great Customer Support, At All Times

Club Mahindra is always on hand if anything goes wrong. Club Mahindra’s reviews always show how pleased people are with the prompt and helpful support they receive.

While Club Mahindra only provides the best resorts and vacations to members, customer support is always available just in case something goes wrong! Club Mahindra family holidays are their own form of insurance against uncertainty.

  1. Safety First with Club Mahindra

WithClub Mahindra’s holidays, you can rest assured that it will be Covid-safe, secure, as well as fun for the whole family. Whether you travel to Finland or Dubai, you won’t have one moment of worry!

With Club Mahindra, you get your choice of resorts all over India, and in hundreds of resorts worldwide, from Thailand and Nepal to Spain or Netherlands. With easy to pay EMI for membership, you can effortlessly enjoy a new location for your family holidays every year! It’s not hard to see why everyone loves having Club Mahindra memberships!

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Mahabaleshwar – A Land Of Serendipity
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Nainital – Advocating the land of sheer peacefulness
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