Hey Arshad Ali,

I would like to personally welcome you to Genus Bank, the new innovative, new American bank that allows individuals and companies around the world to open remote accounts for truly borderless banking systems.

Genus is no longer a gimmick fintech or prepaid card company, we have a strong US international banking license that enables us to solve many of your problems.

Our goal is to facilitate financial inclusion by removing geopolitical barriers to help people move forward. We are working hard to give people in emerging economies the option to use local traditional banks by providing a new, transparent, digital banking experience compared to the world's top banks. We want to help millions of people become more financially secure, resilient, confident and independent.

When we prepare the infrastructure and test our technology, we calculate all of the referrals you now submit once we launch. Bank account applications will be submitted as a priority on the waiting list in early 2021.

Want access before? Remove the list by inviting your friends to join the genre. The more friends you invite, the sooner you will be invited to open an account.

We take our influential and founding members very seriously and want to ensure that their contributions are rewarded. The most important thing you can do right now is referral. Fifty referrals mean potential upward savings even before the ORE 1200 peer year as a founding member.

How can you sign people up for Genesis?
Just send your personal referral link to friends and family and sign them up. It's very simple.

Your unique signup link:
https: //zenus.com/? Goat = 1 JBPN9

Sharing your personal referral link on your social networks should be considered.
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Share Genus to unlock instant rewards:

Be influential: Get people to sign up for a waiting list by getting your bank account and Zen card before anyone else.
Save 50%: Sign up for 10 people to get 50% discount on first year membership.
Save 100%: Sign up for 20 people to get 100% discount on first year membership.
Founder Member Status: Sign up for 50 people to get a free membership for life.
VIP Awards: Sign up more than 100 people and we'll come up with a special award just for you.
For ideas on how to get more signups, check out our Referral Strategy Guide.

How can you check the status of your referrals?
Go to your personal status page to see your place on the waiting list and the number of people who have signed up using your link. Get your personal share link and contest status!

If you have any questions about Genus Bank and how it works, be sure to check out our FAQ. We would like to hear any questions, concerns or ideas about how we can improve Genus. Send us an email at hello @ zenus.com.


Jose A. Dodge-Ortiz
CEO / Genus Bank

Genus Bank will not open any accounts or process any transactions from countries approved by the U.S. Treasury Department, Office of Foreign Assets Control "AFAC". Signing up for our waiting list will give you a spot in our ranks and qualify for promotion. The initial access to the waiting list should in no way be taken as a confirmation that an account will not be authorized to open before the account is opened.

To confirm that you are about to receive these emails, please add hello us zenus.com to your address book or to our whitelist. Want to loop? Click here.

Postal Towers: City Towers, 19th Floor, 252 Ponce de Leনn, San Juan, PR, 00918, USA
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