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5 Top Reasons to Schedule a Chimney Inspection Worcester MA Starting away in front of a roaring fire is one of the easiest and most satisfying pastimes during cold weather. However, there is nothing pleasant about the fire, smoke, and water damage that can occur if your fireplace is not kept clean. Having your chimney, fireplace, or wood-burning stove inspected by a Chimney Sweep certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of Worcester MA can help prevent serious problems and keep your venting system running efficiently. can assist To that end, three types of chimney inspections are available: How much does a chimney inspection in Worcester MA cost level 1 chimney inspection ($75 to $250) consists of a visual inspection of the fireplace or wood-burning stove and chimney. Choose this option if you intend to use your fireplace/wood-burning stove as you have in the past. If there have been no changes to the fuel type or the shape/material of the flu (i.e., the space inside the chimney) in the year since your last chimney inspection. There has been no damage to the chimney structure. level 2 chimney inspection ($100 to $500) includes online scanning of internal chimney surfaces. This is the best option if you've made any changes to the chimney or fireplace since the last inspection. Such as changing the fuel type or the shape or material of the flu (i.e., the space inside the chimney). If there was a malfunction that may have damaged the chimney (e.g., a fire or earthquake). If you're planning to sell your home soon. level 3 chimney inspection ($1,000 to $5,000) inspection includes a Level 1 and Level 2 inspection, as well as a partial tear-out of the chimney to look for more severe damage. If a Level 1 or Level 2 inspection reveals potential safety hazards or hidden problems in the chimney, technicians will perform this inspection. Parts that are not visible to the naked eye may be damaged. Repairing or replacing damaged chimney components on time can reduce the risk of fires, carbon monoxide exposure, and water damage. Unfortunately, many vital parts of the chimney are hidden or too high for homeowners to inspect. A chimney sweep is equipped and trained to evaluate damage to the following critical chimney components: Crown: A crown is a downward-sloping concrete, stone, or metal overhang at the top of a chimney that directs water away from the exterior of the chimney to prevent erosion. Rainwater can run down the sides of the chimney and erode it if it is cracked, usually as a result of weather exposure or the use of weak construction materials, compromising its structural integrity over time. Rainwater can also enter the flu and deteriorate the flue liner (see below). To prevent water damage to the chimney and flue, an inspector can repair or replace a cracked crown. The flue liner—a clay, ceramic, or metal conduit located between the flue and the chimney walls—protects the chimney walls from heat and corrosion. When combustion byproducts are directed out through the flue. It also prevents smoke and harmful vapors such as carbon monoxide from entering your home through potential cracks in chimney masonry. High heat or embers can damage chimney walls or touch surrounding combustible materials of the home and spark a chimney fire. When cracks form in the flue due to excessive heat, water damage, or wear and tear. Smoke and vapors can also enter the home through masonry cracks, potentially exposing you to carbon monoxide. An inspector can quickly detect and repair cracks in the flue liner. Our Chimney Inspection Worcester MA and surrounding areas. We perform all services related to chimney cleaning & maintenance. Call us at 508-960-7546.
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