1. If cells regenerate over a period of time, why don't people with severe illnesses heal?
    When dividing, the cell copies the information from the diseased cell with already damaged DNA.
    2. What is the cause of DNA molecule damage?
    In 92% of cases, DNA damage is due to MINERAL DEFICIENCY!
    One of the reasons for this deficit is the impoverishment of the soil and, accordingly, fruits and vegetables will be poor in minerals. Some authors claim that soil depletion can reach 50% compared to about 50 years ago.
    Another reason is the excessive use of processed and fast foods.
    Certain STIMULANTS can lead to loss of minerals and their deficiency. Stimulants such as, refined sugar, caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol.
    Damage damage can also be caused by GMO foods.
    Can be caused by excessive interaction with the ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD.
    CHEMICALS in soap, shampoo, conditioner, cosmetics, detergents, toothpastes, washing powder, food, medicines.
    The largest chemical company in the world is the pharmaceutical industry. MEDICINES ARE CHEMICALS.
    Another cause of DNA damage is MOLD / MOLD / FUNGI - microorganisms.
    What is the lesson?
    In order to be Healthy, we must have Healthy CELLS.
    To have healthy CELLS, we need to have healthy DNA in the cell nucleus.
    In order to have healthy DNA, one of the main things is to give every cell what it needs to live and work, and as I mentioned above, 92% of the problems come from mineral deficiency.
    Feeding your cells, not just your stomachs !!!!
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  • Kanaka Management Services Private Limited

    Preparation of Project Idea Note.
    In the meantime or before this stage, Host Country Approval letter is obtained for implementing the project in any particular country. This is called as Letter of Approval (LoA).Joint Crediting Mechanism

    The basic conception of the JCM
    Facilitating diffusion of leading low carbon technologies, products, systems, services, and infrastructure a
    The Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) Is a project-based bilateral offset crediting mechanism initiated by the govt. of Japan to facilitate the diffusion of LCT ( low-carbon technologies). KMS group services are Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM)
    The diffusion of leading low-carbon technologies and also the ensuing mitigation of gas emissions contribute to the property development of developing countries. So far, sixteen countries together with ten in Asia and also the Pacific region have launched the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM), with fifteen registered comes. funding underneath the JCM is provided through the govt. of Japan, related to organizations, and ADB.
    1. dditionally as the implementation of mitigation actions, and contributory to property development of developing countries;
    2. Appropriately evaluating contributions from Japan to GHG)emission reductions or removals throughout a quantitative manner, and use them to appreciate Japan’s emission reduction target;
    3. Contributing to the last word objective of the UNFCCC by facilitating international actions for GHG emission reductions or removals

    UNFCCC CDM/JI Consulting & Project Development
    Being one of the oldest consulting and project development team in CDM and GHG projects, KMS involved in various CDM projects ,- UNFCCC CDM/JI Consulting & Project Development across the World as a Consultant and Developer since 2005.
    In general the CDM project development and monetization process cycle consists of the following steps:
    Review of the project activity and preparation of strategy.
    Scope includes CDM/JI project development on carbon credit aspect, preparation of project design document, communication with DNA to receive Host country approvals, identification of third party validators and resolving non conformities.

    CDM DOE issues the audit findings after conducting the project site visit.
    Audit findings are replied with relevant evidences and then CDM DOE may close all CAR’s and CL’s and uploads the Final Validation Report along with associated documentation to the UNFCCC CDM website. Alternatively CDM DOE may issue a negative opinion .carbon credit, CDM, CDM projects, Joint implementation projects, GHG emission, CDM project development, JI project development,Joint implementation projects Etc

    VERRA-VCS/CCB/REDD+/JNR/SD VISta/Landscape Consulting & Project Development
    KMS Group one of the oldest VERRA-VCS/CCB/REDD+/JNR/SD/VISta/Landscape Consulting & Project Development,we are involved in various VCS/VCS+CCB/REDD+/JNR/SD VISta/Landscape projects consulting & project development across the World since beginning of the VCS Program.
    Scope includes Verra-VCS, CCB, REDD+, JNR, SD VISta project development on carbon credit aspect, preparation of project design document, identification of third party validators and resolving non conformities.In general project development and monetization process cycle under the VCS/CCB which are the most commonly used VERRA programs, consists of the following process steps:
    Review of the project activity and preparation of strategy.
    Decide whether to register the project as a single standalone VCS/CCB Project Activity or as a grouped project like Verra, VCS, GHG emission, VCS project development, Verra project development, CCBA, SDVISta, JNR, forestry projects, AFOLU projects where multiple project instances can be included in the group at a later stage during verification.
    Preparation of Project Idea Note / Draft Project Document
    The VCS registry system is a multi-registry system, comprised of a number of registry service providers and a central project database. Project developers open accounts and submit required documentation to their chosen VCS registry administrator to apply for project registration and issuance of Verified Carbon Units (VCUs). VCS registry administrators are responsible for uploading project information to the VCS project database and for issuing VCUs into their clients’ accounts. There may be VCS and Registry specific fees for various services. Please visit VERRA website here for additional information.

    Gold Standard Consulting & Project Development
    KMS group involved in various Gold Standard Consulting & Project Development across the World.Scope includes Gold Standard project development on carbon credit aspect, preparation of project design document along with SDG goals, identification of third party validators and resolving non conformities.
    In general the GS project development and monetization process cycle consists of the following steps:
    ● Review of the project activity and preparation of strategy
    ● Decide whether to register the project as a single standalone GS Project Activity (GS-PA) or as a GS Programme of Activities (GS-PoA) where multiple project instances can be included in the PoA at a later stage.
    ● Preparation of Project Idea Note Gold Standard projects, GHG emission, GS project development, forestry projects, AFOLU projects, SDG goals
    ● Obtaining Host Country Approval letter is not necessary for GS projects.
    ● GS VVB issues the audit findings after conducting the project onsite audit.
    ● Audit findings are replied with relevant evidences and there after GS VVB may close all CAR’s and CL’s and issues the Final Validation Report to Project owner. Alternatively GS VVB may issue a negative opinion.
    ● Once the project documents are uploaded in the Registry system, GS may select the project for review. If the project is selected for review by GS, VVB along with the Project owner shall reply to GS findings and close all the GS findings satisfactorily.
    ● Once GS clears the project then it is registered with GS. GS rejection of the registration request is also a possibility.
    ● Adding of GS Programme Activity/ies (VPA/s) to the GS PoA after due audit by the GS VVB. GS rejection of the VPA addition request is also a possibility.
    ● One can go for only GS PA / GS PoA validation or validation + verification as may be necessary depending on the project circumstances and preference.
    ● If necessary GS labelling is done for CDM registered projects along with the above mentioned steps.
    Plan Vivo Consulting & Project Development
    With KMS - Plan Vivo Consulting & Project Development the end goal for tasks to keep on giving advantages to networks and smallholders, the Arrangement Vivo Establishment furnishes projects with Plan Vivo Certifices (PVCs), which would then be able to be sold by the undertaking. A PVC addresses the drawn out sequestration or relief of one ton of CO2e by an Arrangement Vivo-ensured project. Be that as it may, PVCs go past customary carbon benefits by giving a large number of extra advantages.
    Scope includes Plan Vivo Consulting & Project Development Verra-VCS, CCB, REDD+, JNR, SD VISta project development on carbon credit aspect, preparation of project design document, identification of third party validators and resolving non conformities.
    Plan Vivo Certificates address something beyond combating environmental change. Every PVC bought addresses a commitment to an assortment of social and ecological advantages, including carbon credit, planvivo projects, GHG emission, plan vivo project development, forestry projects, AFOLU projects.
    ● Biodiversity preservation through development and fortifying of ensured regions and local species
    ● Neediness decrease and practical occupations through maintainable agribusiness and miniature ventures
    ● Rebuilding of corrupted and debasing environments
    ● Variation of normal and oversaw biological systems to environmental change.

    Technical Methodology Development, Adaptation and Mitigation Policy

    KMS - Technical Methodology Development, Adaptation and Mitigation Policy helps to Transformation and alleviation are obliged by the dormancy of worldwide and provincial patterns in financial turn of events, GHG outflows, asset utilization, foundation and settlement designs, institutional conduct and innovation (medium proof, high arrangement).

    Technical Methodology Development, Adaptation and Mitigation Policy Scope includes developing relevant methodology for CDM, Verra-VCS, SDVISta, Gold Standard GHG programmes, Identification of suitable additionality methods such as standardised methods, project activity Weakness to environmental change, GHG discharges, and the limit with respect to variation and alleviation are emphatically affected by jobs, ways of life, conduct and culture.methodology development, double approval of methodology assessment, carbon credit, GHG emission, standardised methods, performance benchmark method, activity method,Moderating environmental change decreases the danger of dubious however possibly enormous harm from environmental change, and lessens the results of neglecting to adjust to environmental change. Tough moderation strategy prompts lower generally hazards, as the vulnerability in relief costs is lower than the vulnerability in environment harm.

    Forest Surveys
    KMS -Forest Surveys ,Forest Engineering is the utilization of logical, monetary, social, and commonsense information to create, plan, fabricate, keep up, and improve structures, machines, gadgets, frameworks, materials and cycles worried to Forest. The order of designing is very wide, and incorporates a scope of more specific fields of designing, each with a more explicit accentuation on specific spaces of applied science, innovation and sorts of use.
    The scope of KMS includes onsite inspection of forests to ascertain the carbon stock change for kind of forest projects, identifying the sampling design, identifying the permanent sampling slots, measurement of DBH, height etc,Information on hypothesis and practice of studying and guide perusing are a significant piece of a forester's preparation. Accused of the obligation of assurance, ' the executives and organization of a backwoods home, a forester is regularly needed to outline fire-consumed regions ; divide or look at timberland limits ; lay felling roadsters get ready estate guides and stock guides ; distinguish and redress infringements and unlawful belongings ; get ready plans of regions to be cleared, or fenced or planted ; adjust extraction streets and ways, and for an assortment of different purposes associated with his obligations. He ought to have the option to get ready and decipher guides and plans accurately.onsite inspection, sampling, survey, permanent sampling slots, DBH, trees, shrubs, SOC, land use
    Foresters are for the most part needed to complete the accompanying kinds of review :
    ● Chain Survey
    ● Chain and Compass Survey
    ● Plane table Survey
    ● Levelling.

    Bio diversity assessments
    KMS - Bio diversity assessment is to perform customary and convenient evaluations of information on biodiversity and biological system administrations and their interlinkages at the worldwide level. Additionally tending to a greeting by the Conference of the Parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) to set up a worldwide evaluation of biodiversity and environment administrations building, bury alia, all alone and other pertinent territorial, subregional and topical appraisals, just as on public reports.

    The general extent of the evaluation is to survey the status and patterns with respect to biodiversity and biological system benefits, the effect of biodiversity and environment administrations on human prosperity and the viability of reactions, including the Strategic Plan and its Aichi Biodiversity Targets. It is expected that this deliverable will add to the cycle for the assessment and recharging of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity and its KMS Biodiversity Targets.The characterization of the indigenous habitat is definitely more tricky than the arrangement of organic entities: truth be told the indigenous habitat is an exceptionally factor continuum and can not be separated into a progression of discrete, broken units.
    Arranged utilization of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) , perhaps the most useful roads for the improvement of biodiversity evaluation. may block the need to foster the intricate environment and biological system characterizations.The scope includes the assessment of biodiversity within the project zone and threats to that biodiversity, using appropriate methodology and evaluating whether the project zone includes high conservation values (HCV) related to biodiversity and its qualifying attributes.
    This is on the grounds that portrayals of various, quantifiable characteristics of the climate can be put away in independent layers inside a GIS. Instances of such properties are: soil attributes; elevation; precipitation; percent overhang cover;Biodiversity, CCBA, HCV, protected area, without-project land use scenario, with project land use scenario, ecosystems, and endangered species mean tallness of predominant vegetation; and dispersions of individual species. The gauge maps utilized might be produced from satellite information, ethereal study, and existing guides, or made by field review and master exhortation. Various mixes of these disaggregated informational indexes can be picked to produce maps as indicated by need, without picking a foreordained arrangement framework.

    Socio economic assessments
    KMS - Socio economic assessments,The Socio-Economic Impact Assessment (SEIA) Methodology targets examining and estimating the likely friendly and monetary effects of new advancements and plans of action on the individual producer, its environment and more extensive society. The 3-venture SEIA procedure thinks about sway on three regions: (1) Impact on industry; (2) Impact on society; (3) Impact on established researchers. These three regions are interlinked since, for instance, impacts industry because of problematic innovations may, thus, have thump on consequences for society and the climate.scope of KMS includes study of social science and branch of economics that studies the interrelation between economic activity and social behaviour. Social economics analyzes how the economy is affected by social norms, ethics, sentiments, and other factors.
    Furthermore, a social advancement sway evaluation strategy is proposed to catch the security/backhanded impacts of the financial business level appraisal. Such a procedure centers around friendly advancements, for example novel thoughts (items, administrations and models) that all the while address social issues (more viably than options) and make new friendly connections or joint efforts,social behaviour, social science, occupation, education, income, wealth, standard of living.

    Remote sensing & GIS

    KMS -Remote sensing & GIS have the industry best talent and high quality infrastructure to deliver best in class services in RS and GIS domain. Each workstation is powered by dual high end Intel Xeon Gold processors with RAM of 256 GB and above. Our infrastructure includes high end 4K resolution monitors to enhance the quality of work and deliverables. Technical teams have significant exposure to leading software’s in the industry including Google Earth Engine. Contact us today to get a proposal for services related RS and GIS in any part of the World.GIS is a computer-based tool for mapping and analyzing feature events on earth. GIS technology integrates common database operations, such as query and statistical analysis, with maps. GIS manages location-based information and provides tools for display and analysis of various statistics.
    Our service offerings are expanded and enhanced on a constant basis. Some of the services and solutions in Remote Sensing and GIS domain include GIS, Remote sensing, satellites, forecasting, satellite imaging, image processing:
    1. Land Use and Land Cover classification for REDD+ forestry projects
    2. Land Change Modelling.
    3. Coastal Ecosystem Monitoring and Management.
    4. Forestry Mapping.
    5. Agricultural & Irrigation Mapping.
    6. Minerals, Mining and Geology Mapping.
    7. Environmental Impact Assessment.
    8. Watershed Management.
    9. Flood Mapping and Risk assessment.
    10. Climate Change Modelling.
    11. Disease Mapping, Forecasting and Risk Assessment.

    Natural Resource Management
    KMS -Natural Resource Management is The expression "natural resource management" (NRM) incorporates a wide range of exercises and tasks. This data release is centered around those NRM exercises that explicitly require the interest of nearby networks for their maintainable administration. Instances of these sorts of ventures include: miniature watershed the board, water system water the executives, soil and water preservation, local area ranger service, local area based seaside zone fisheries the executives, and protection of biodiversity. Natural resource management (NRM) is the management of natural resources such as land, water, soil, plants and animals, with a particular focus on how management affects the quality of life for both present and future generations.
    Encounters have shown that brought together "hierarchical" protection is just viable with huge uses on implementation or under undemocratic conditions. As another option, support of various kinds of partners is presently viewed as fundamental for viable and maintainable administration and protection of normal asset frameworks. It is by and large acknowledged that investment by nearby networks can be encouraged by a critical level of decentralization. While zeroing in on decentralization to networks, the note perceives that there are hypothetical and viable contentions for more elevated level governments and the global local area to assume a functioning part in NRM.Natural landscapes, water management, biodiversity conservation, Environmental management The executives and usage of the normal assets has suggestions for sub-public, public, and supranational regional units, in view of assorted expenses and advantages related with how and where they are overseen. Moreover, various perils exist in appointing duty regarding the board to nearby substances and networks that may themselves be undemocratic, unapproachable, and constrained by a little and amazing neighborhood first class. The accompanying table blueprints a portion of the overall standards for appointing capacities, while the remainder of the note expounds on rules for decentralizing characteristic asset the board to networks.

    IREC & TIGRs
    KMS Group offers IREC & TIGRs Through the use of RECs, end-users around the world can make reliable claims about their energy usage such as: “my factory runs on 100% renewable energy”, “our products are made with 100% wind energy” and “our global electricity usage causes zero end-of-pipe emissions (I-REC)
    IREC Standard This is a standard for energy attribute tracking systems that can be easily implemented so that consumers in all regions of the world can have access to internationally recognized, tradable and reliable electricity attribute tracking certificates (RECs). We are a Participant and Registrant of IREC Standard. Please contact us today to develop an IREC project or sell IRECs or buy IRECs.
    TIGRs APX The Tradable Instrument for Global Renewables (TIGR) Registry is an online platform for tracking and trading RECs developed by APX. The Registry enables developers to generate, verify, and sell RECs. It allows buyers to source RECs anywhere in the world while managing all assets in a single online portal. Please contact us today to develop a TIGRs project or sell TIGRs or buy TIGRs.Renewable energy, MWh, electricity, Renewable Portfolio Standard (I-REC) Renewable energy, Greenhouse Gas protocol, APX (TIGR) APX created TIGR Registry as an online platform for tracking and transferring Renewable energy certificates (RECs), enabling developers to generate,verify, and sell RECs (TIGR)

    NAMA & INDC advisory and assessments
    KMS - NAMA & INDC advisory and assessments is a warning firm for environment and supportable energy strategy. In light of our experience and ability, we offer a wide scope of administrations to our customers in both creating and created nations.As a part of the agreed outcome of Bali Action Plan, developing country Parties would take NAMAsin the context of sustainable development. NAMAs refer to any action that reduces emissions in developing countries and is prepared under the umbrella of a national governmental initiative
    KMS - NAMA & INDC advisory and assessments adds to a worldwide information move on environment and energy strategy through assistance of limit building missions and workshops in different nations and areas, for various customers. Our emphasis therefore is on environment money and GHG alleviation instruments, for example, NAMAs or market based components, and their linkage with the environment strategy scene. What's more, we have wrote direction reports, online courses, pamphlets and different distributions.Bali action plan, COP18, Doha agreement, INDC, capacity building, Mitigation measures

    Sustainability Reporting, CSR, Foot printing and Impact Assessment
    KMS - Sustainability Reporting, CSR, Foot printing and Impact Assessment,Manageability announcing empowers associations to consider their effects on a wide scope of supportability issues. This empowers them to be more straightforward about the dangers and openings they face. Maintainability revealing is the vital stage for conveying manageability execution and effects. A manageability report in its fundamental structure is a report about an association's ecological and social presentation. To cause this answering to be just about as valuable as feasible for supervisors, leaders, experts, investors and partners. A brought together standard that permits reports to be immediately evaluated, decently judged and essentially thought about is a basic resource. As firms worldwide have accepted maintainability detailing, the most generally received structure has been the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Framework.Sustainability reporting is the disclosure and communication of environmental, social, and governance goals—as well as a company’s progress towards them. The benefits of sustainability reporting include improved corporate reputation, building consumer confidence. It tends to be considered as inseparable from different terms for non-monetary revealing; triple primary concern announcing and corporate social obligation (CSR) detailing.
    Building and keeping up trust in organizations and governments is basic to accomplishing a reasonable economy and world. Consistently, choices are made by organizations and governments which straightforwardly affect their partners, like monetary foundations, work associations, Corporate responsibility, disclosure report, risk management, GRIcommon society and residents, and the degree of trust they have with them. These choices are infrequently founded on monetary data alone. They depend on an evaluation of hazard and opportunity utilizing data on a wide assortment of quick and future issues.
    Climate Bonds Advisory
    KMS - Climate Bonds Advisory and Certification Scheme run by the non-benefit Climate Bonds Advisory (CBI) is a global affirmation conspire for green bonds. The drive gives 12 sectoral standards going from ranger service and horticulture to renewables and low-carbon buildings.Climate Bonds Initiative is an international organisation working solely to mobilise the largest capital market of all, the $100 trillion bond market, for climate change solutions,Green bonds furnish financial backers with the chance to straightforwardly put resources into battling environmental change while offering a fixed return. Green bonds, climate resilient economy, cost of capital... These bonds were proposed to give financial backers the solace and information that their venture was having a constructive outcome on the climate.
    Resources that satisfy the CBI guideline are then qualified for Climate Bond Certification, after a supported outside check that the bond fulfills natural guidelines and that the guarantor has the appropriate controls and cycles set up.

    Life Cycle Assessments
    KMS - Life Cycle Assessments is a support to-grave or support to-support investigation procedure to survey natural effects related with every one of the phases of an item's life, which is from crude material extraction through materials preparing, production, circulation, and use.
    A daily existence cycle appraisal (LCA) is the solitary strategy that assesses the ecological effect of an item over its whole life cycle. It is an all encompassing methodology that considers every one of the exercises engaged with the making of an item, Life cycle assessment is a cradle-to-grave or cradle-to-cradle analysis technique to assess environmental impacts associated with all the stages of a product's life, which is from raw material extraction through materials processing, manufacture, distribution, and crude material extraction, assembling, transportation and conveyance, use and removal. It is consequently ready to assess every one of the distinctive likely kinds of ecological effects related with an item. life cycle, end of life, value chain, life cycle inventory This part examines the set of experiences and fundamental standards of LCA, estimation strategies and models for LCA and the norms administering a LCA study. It additionally talks about the critical difficulties of directing a LCA study.

    Energy Audits and Consulting
    The KMS - Energy Audits and Consulting term energy review seems to allude to two particular things: An energy review is the way toward having an expert energy examiner evaluate your structure for energy reserve funds openings. The term energy review likewise is utilized to allude to the consequence of the energy appraisal measure, the energy review report. We will attempt to keep these terms separate by alluding to the report as an "energy review report."
    An energy audit is an inspection survey and an analysis of energy flows for energy conservation in a building. It may include a process or system to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output energy review report is a painstakingly thought out arrangement, which, whenever followed, will lead you to diminished energy costs. Each building is unique, and each contains various freedoms which can decrease energy utilization. This is the reason each extraordinary structure requires its own remarkable energy review.
    During the energy review, an energy reviewer will visit your site and meeting your office supervisor, investigate your lighting, cooling, warming and ventilation hardware, controls, refrigeration, air blowers, water devouring gear, and whatever else that is utilizing energy. energy consumption, energy efficiency, energy demand, energy conservation measures Contingent upon the kind of the review, the evaluator may take estimations of temperatures, pressures, light levels, power draw, and different things.

    EHS consulting and bench marking
    KMS - EHS consulting and bench marking A natural , health & safety (EHS) specialist turns out straightforwardly for an organization to give guidance in regards to chances that the organization may confront identifying with medical problems, wellbeing concerns, and the effect the organization has on the climate
    EHS Compliance (Environmental, Health and Safety) is a sweeping term that alludes to every one of the laws, rules, guidelines, techniques, programs, jobs, strategies and endeavors set up to help secure the wellbeing and strength of your group, people in general,Environment, Health, safety, PAF auction, World Bank auction scheme and the climate from working environment related perils and threats.At a high level, EHS management encapsulates the use of end-to-end business processes and requirements that are designed to systematically achieve continuous improvement in EHS performance.

    Management Systems consulting & 2nd Party audits
    KMS - Management Systems consulting & 2nd Party audits Second Party Audits are likewise alluded to as outer or provider reviews. The second party review is generally more formal than an inward or first gathering review. In certain occasions, the consequences of the review could impact future buying choices. The reviews may likewise be because of at least one quality issues with the provider's parts or consulting, risk management There frequently is an agreement required between the client and provider determining the terms of conveyance, evaluating, bundling, quality necessities and different extra terms. Therefore, second gathering reviews are for the most part subject to rules and guidelines concerning contract law.Management consulting is the practice of helping organizations to improve their performance. Organizations may draw upon the services of management consultants for a number of reasons, including gaining external objective advice and access to consultants' specialized expertise.
    execution of second Party reviews can result from different conditions. An outer review might be performed when an association is:
    1. Fostering another item and deciding sourcing for sub-segments
    2. Supporting another provider for sourcing of current parts or products
    3. Investigating substitute wellsprings of parts during an expense decrease exertion
    4. Examining a quality issue with the provider's item
    5. Affirming culmination of restorative activities from a past quality issue
    6. Playing out a survey or upkeep review as a component of a provider the board cycle

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    College life comes with many twists and turns of its own. People think it is the most awaited and cherished period of a person’s life. With all the pressure of performing well, a student faces many hurdles initially. They have too much on their platter to address. Weekly assignments whose marks are calculated for the final results to keep them from enjoying their weekends. Their time to...
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  • Best Health Benefits of Honey
    Honey has been a popular choice for the best health benefits of honey because of the sugar content. The sugars in the honey help in cleansing the body of toxins, which are otherwise stored by the body and lead to various ailments like obesity, atherosclerosis, and heart diseases. Honey is a natural detoxifier that effectively cleanses the body of pollutants like carbon dioxide, pesticides,...
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  • Best Herbal Medicine for Migraine Headache
    When it comes to the treatment of migraine headaches, nothing beats natural migraine headache treatments. These herbal medicines were used from time immemorial and have been found effective in reducing pain, reducing the frequency of headache, and also improving the quality of life of the patient. Nowadays a lot of people are using natural medicines like ginger and turmeric in treating their...
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  • Best Herbal Medicine for Migraine Headaches (sar dard ka ilaj)
    There is a great debate on which is the best herbal medicine for migraine sufferers. Some people will claim that chamomile, passionflower, and Valerian are the best migraine pain relief herbs. Others will say ginger, lemon balm, and catnip. There is no conclusive answer to this because every person is different and what works for one person may not work for another. Because the causes of...
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