Rollbol believe that sharing exepriences is more than a tradition. Being sociable is a living, breathing, life-lifting, incredible thing vital to today’s culture in its many forms.

So tell a story that makes us laugh, brings us to tears, inspires, entertains, or all of the above. Let your imagination run wild. You don't have to be the next Spielberg to play and win.

Find a compelling video that helps us understand, Teach us, Motivate and inspire us. This is your chance to win 100$ per month.

  • 1- The user must be a natural person at least the age of majority and legally eligible in their jurisdiction of residence or domicile. Government employees and employees of Sponsor or Administrator and their parent and affiliate companies, as well as the immediate family (spouse, parents, siblings, and children) and household members of each such employee are not eligible.
  • 2- The user must participate with only ONE video (All duplicates will be removed without warning)
  • 3- The user must be a PRO Member
  • 4- The user must have a valid Paypal account
  • 5- The user must be 18+ and have a verified email and profile. (All fake users will be removed and banned from the website)
  • 6- The video must be published ONLY in the Video page
  • 7- The video SHOULD NOT CONTAIN THIS TYPE OF CONTENT : Nudity or sexual, Harmful or dangerous , Hateful, Violent, Harassment and cyberbullying, Spam, misleading metadata, and scams.
  • Rollbol video contest is FREE for all our users. Here's how to participate :
  • 1- The contest will start at the 1st day of every month, and the deadline to submit your video is 26th of every month. When the dealine is reached, the of number of shares and likes will not be counted.
  • 2- Search the internet and find an interesting video ( Youtube, Vimeo, etc...)
  • 3- Copy the link of the video and go to the page Video. Paste the link in the publisher area, and wait few seconds until the preview of the video appears.

    Select one interest from the list and publish your post.

  • 1- The video with the highest number of "likes" and "shares" will be considered as the winner.
  • 2- Counting the number of "likes" and "shares" is only in our website.
  • 3- After the first round of judging, the final video will be announced 1st of every month and will be eligible for the 100$ award.
  • 4- Our team will verify the user profile (must have a verified email and profile), and then will contact the winner to proceed with the payment. The use must have a valid PAYPAL account.

    Please note that we will ban the user who creates many profiles in roder to participate in this contest.